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Top 10 Best MMORPG 2016 (Best PC Games 2016-2017)

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My Top 10 MMORPG Games 2016-2017 / Top PC Games List:

With 2016 having just ended, and 2017 having just begun, I figured now would be as good a time as any to make my own video featuring the Top 10 MMORPG Games of 2016-2017!

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Top 10 MMORPG / Best PC Games 2016-2017:

10.) DC Universe Online
9.) Aion
8.) ArcheAge
7.) Black Desert Online
6.) Blade and Soul
5.) RuneScape
4.) The Elder Scrolls Online
3.) Wildstar
2.) Guild Wars 2
1.) Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Let us know in the comments what you believe are the Best MMO 2016/Best Free MMORPG/Best PC Games/Most Anticipated MMORPGs 2017, etc.!

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  1. The fact that you have Aion in this list shows you've done your research. Sadly with 5.0-5.3, the grind is much worse. Getting gear is fairly easy though if you have friends to help you out.

  2. mate great video… whats your opinion on tera?

  3. Dude. I've been playing DC Universe Online for a while now, and honestly, I find the game sucks. It's a huge cash grab and is the definition of pay to win simply beause you have to pay to get the 2nd half of endgame. I have a subscription, but seriously, I can't bring myself to play it for more than 30 minutes. Also? The game is on a RAPID decrease.

  4. wildstar is cancer over 1hr que times even as a healer is absolute garbage and the pvp if your a fresh lvl 50 even with the gear that they give you is stupid because you will just get 1 shot by everyone and not be able to kill anything and the combat system is completely garbage for PVP so fk that game

  5. elder scrolls online on console lags extremely bad so avoid console version at all costs

  6. archeage is p2w for many reasons
    1 the labor system has a 5k labor cap and assuming you have batron you get around 2.4k labor a day and thats what you need to be able to do anything in this game farm,mine, even report another player cost labor and thats where shit starts to hit the fan
    2 it cost nothing but your credit cards to buy apex and sell it on the aH for about 400 gold and you can literly buy the best ingame gear through gold when ever a gold making method is found it normaly gets nerfed example would be fishing,trade runs , coinpurses, weaponary and every thing is rng to the point where your garenteed to lose gold
    3 then you have the regrading system where people buy most charms off of the AH to regrade their gear which is essential but 100 percent RNG and you will be going up against people who spend 2k every few weeks of real life another problem which consisted for the longest time are people who exploit or cheat only get slap on wrists aslong as their big money spenders
    4 the cash shop another major aspect i remember when they came out with $100 dragon pet a year and a half ago with a costume and a pet THAT HAD 2 cc and did good amount of DPS and thats just a taste to what they do in this game a taste

  7. Problem with blade and soul for me was class imbalancement not p2w. You can go naked summoner to an arena and beat all the assassins/blade masters there cuz u just counter so hard, assuming u barely know what ur doing.
    I think aion is very underrated or used to be glad its on the list.
    Your list should be about right, its hard to find a list where I agree, so, WP.

  8. Which one of these is alive now ? ;-;

  9. Blade and Soul looks dated.. umm yea cause it came out in 2012, and like most of the games on this list that came from the East, they came out 8 to 3 years before their West released date. Not that this video is about MMORPG that came out in 2015 to 2016, but if you are going to state "older" MMORPGs release dates why not do it for them all and their real released date the Initial release date.

    If a car manufacturer from America starts up today 2017 in Japan and the cars they are selling cars "never before driven cars" from 2010, are those cars "new" or newly released cause it is the first time Japan is seeing them.

    I can not wait for the day PSO2 comes out to the West, I can not wait for all of the, NEW MMORPG, PSO2 videos to come out about a "new" MMORPG that came out in 2012 like Blade and Soul, and a few others on this list.

  10. thank you. I watched this while wondering if I should give final fantasy a second chance and now I have my awnser

  11. Literally the same games in every fking "top ten"

  12. ff14 should not be listed with these shit games its the only game that can keep up with the king of mmos wow

  13. FFXIV 1st and gotta agree 😀 so far only one from the list I haven't taken break aka not popped subscription.
    The game imo is so well made optimisations are just amazing pretty much on any PC there might be its still should be playable. No silly disconnections on load screens (points at BnS) some random frame drops or having to tune down graphics if theres loads of players on screen. I really hope myself FFXIV is never gonna go free to play, but keep subscription and with how its going currently hopefully it wont have to be even considered.

  14. Damn WoW didn't make the list, thats too bad. At least FFXIV did 😀

  15. i feel pso2 should be on this list(many US players on it nowadays)

  16. I want to play FF XIV But I'll need to completely rebuild my computer to make it able to run FFXIV on max settings at 1080p at 60 fps.

  17. For fuck sake can we have an actual decent MMORPG that ISNT p2w???

  18. Tree of Savior <3 This game is by far the best MMORPG I have ever played and I have played so so many. The combat is amazing once you get the controls set up good and can target easily with ctrl target lock and tab rotation. The leveling is fun and doesn't feel like a grind with lots or party dungeons, missions and exp card stacking. There is awesome pvp. It is such a good game and is only going to get better. Come join us 🙂 <3

  19. This is clickbait. I saw the thumbnail and expected a new game that I've never seen. And yes, I never seen DoA simply because I had no interest in it. It's sad that you're justifying it with "well other people use faces of real people that has nothing to do with the videos, so why can't I?" Here's the thing. You're informing the public about a game that's solely about MMORPGs, and when you use an image that has nothing to do with the subject for these kinds of things, then yeah, people are gonna get uppity about it. It doesn't matter if you're generating the views and subscriptions to say it's not a big deal, but your character as a content creator is at steak if you're gonna dismiss these complaints. It's not just how you display your videos, but also how you react to your viewers.

  20. Why did you include Wild Star if WS is dying?

  21. #1 i love it but is you need to pay every month inclusive in ps4 when we pay psplus

  22. I more or less agree with this list. Personally I would put games like WoW & Tera in the actual top 10 instead of DC universe Online & Wildstar.

    I'm also very happy to see Aion in the top 10. It's a really underrated MMO in my opinion (especially for those who love oldschool MMOs.)

  23. I like how RS made the list and WOW didn't XD makes me sorta happy lol

  24. Thanks man. That was a fairly accurate list by my verdict as well.

  25. Quick question! As much as I want to.. I haven't taken the time to play the final fantasy games.. Does ff14 continue the story? Or can I just download and jump in?

  26. Runescape is not really a free to play though. They lock almost everything if you dont have a paid memebership.

  27. when 7 wasn't on top 3… I left.

  28. I can tell you why archeage gets the response it did, this coming from an end game content player of archeage. You have to pay money to do everything except kill monsters, you have to pay money to craft, gather resources, even loot gold from the monsters you kill. For that reason I decided to stop playing despite it having many strengths that i look for in a good mmorpg.

  29. Well BnS isnt p2w.its more like p2p faster.Thats cuz of some RNG chests in the store.the thing that most ppl dont mention is that u can sell in game gold in order to get coins and buy things from the store.If u r a f2p player and dont like farming and actually spending time in ur character then this game is not for you.The game wont give u anything if u dont work for it

  30. My fallback game I always go back to are Guild Wars 1 and Star Trek online.

  31. so you have doa click bait for the thumbnail and then have the audacity to put aion on this list. aion was a dated game when it released.

  32. Is FFIX still sub fee or will it go free to play at some point?

  33. i´d go with FF14 as the #1 if it wouldnt have that slow combat system,i mean….the waiting times just arent my thing at all…but overall,i really enjoyed playing the free month but the combat system isnt my thing, so my #1 goes to Black Desert Online. they are both amazing, but to me, its BDO

  34. no mention of Rift 🙁 Thanks ok, good video

  35. you act like people saying archeage is p2w is stupid, it is, you can literally just buy gold and you can buy the best gear, only with gold. I was in one of the top guilds and you had to spend money to keep up, get your head out of your ass