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This Gaming PC Is Less Than $250, And It’s Awesome!

Purchase The AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Here (Affiliate Link) http://amzn.to/2llibz4 Links To The Parts For This Build: https://tinyurl.com/zgq4h9t (HP …


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  1. The computer seems to be out of stock

  2. The staff in my school have i7 rigs?. All they do on it is send emails and assign assignments.

  3. How many watts was the psu for that desktop?

  4. PLeaaaaaase…. the G4560 would have kicked the phenoms ass and theyre are no games who don't support hyper threaded dual cores

  5. I disagree with the Pentium statement. I have not seen any game that will not run on a g4560, and thats a 60 dollar CPU you are discrediting there mister ReviewTechUSA. Its an awesome hunk of bargain with 4 threads.

  6. you could buy gtx 750ti or gtx 760 instead of gtx 1050 and save some money

  7. Will this livestream with two displays and run great as well?

  8. i run a amd phenom II x6 1090t and she runs most games awesome

  9. But how long would it last tho, since the pc seems old.

  10. you dont have to register windows 7

  11. I'm sorry man but I have to disagree with you on this one. I put together a similar build but it was a HP Compaq 8000 Elite instead of a HP 6005MT. Specs Intel Q9550, 16GB G.Skill ram, Geforce GTX 750 Ti, and a Corsair 550W PSU. The main problem that I ran into was GPU bottlenecking, and this is modern games we are talking about "Warhammer End Times", "Witcher", "Blood Bowl 2" hell even League of Legends was getting fucked in the frames department.

    Maybe you''re thinking "Well the GPU might not be up to snuff" I thought this too, but When I pared it was a new motherboard and a 3rd gen i5 It ran like a fucking charm. Smooth constant 50-60 frames(Some game even went as far as 100 constant frames). Bottom line these old ass machines are not equipped at all to handle modern games and I wouldn't go off and buy these "pre-built" crap in order to make a "low cost" gaming PC the best bet is to go on eBay or Craigslist and buy the parts you need separately.

  12. you dont have to sell your ass for a gaming PC

    whoops too late

  13. Hey Richard! I still game on a phenom II 940!! paired with a gtx 970 and 16 GB RAM i can play every game on 1080p 30 fps

  14. I remember buying a $250 computer on sale at Staples with a low end AMD CPU and stripped down specs, to use mainly as a World of Warcraft PC. People in the forums thought I was stupid for not spending the extra few hundred to get something better, when the only game I planned on playing on this PC was WOW. Added a used power efficient $50 video card from Ebay. and I had a PERFECT low budget gaming PC at the time that did a little more than exactly what I wanted it to. Even ran COD MW2 just fine.

  15. Not bad at all for 250 dollars! Upgradeability is rather limited though.

  16. I was able to score a SFF hp 8200 with a i5 2400. Much better quad core cpu for only 48 bucks from ebay. add in a $150 dollar 1050ti and you're rockin and rollin for 50 bucks less. Scored another 2 sticks of 2gb ram and added it to the included 4 gigs ram for a total of 8 gigs for 10 bucks on craigslist. Just letting people know… you can do it for even cheaper and get 20-40% more performance.

  17. So let's say I was doing this with a junker with an AM2 processor socket and PCIe graphics slots. I want to turn it into a dedicated Overwatch Machine… what parts should I buy?

  18. Dude, 2 physical cores and 4 threads work with basically any game, and when they don't there are still ways to bypass them and get them to work.

  19. I had a Phenom 2 x4, which I managed to transform into a 6-core processor by unlocking 2 extra cores in BIOS. It was a beast!

  20. thumbs down for add whoring a 13 min video.

  21. If I were to raise the budget to around 400 bucks, how could I make upgrades to this rig to make it even more badass? Sorry, I'm a complete noob when it comes to building a pc, but this really caught my attention and gave me the itch to finally get a great gaming rig.

  22. ehhh.. a true budget gaming pc would consist of used parts..spend that 100 bucks on a used gpu..get way better price to performance..and rich todays games work just fine on dual cores with hyper threading..have you seen the i3 6100 it kicks fucking ass for dual cores..ive tested gta 5 which is very cpu intesive and it does just fine…you must also put into thought that ram speed can also have a factor on performance..and you payed 56 bucks for 8gb of ddr3 ram????!!!! rich…oh rich..this build is soo aweful…

  23. Can someone explain this to me, im on laptop. my gpu is terrible and i can get 110 avg fps on world of tanks at min resolution. Is it normal??

  24. playing Nintendo games would not feel right on a PC to me

  25. This is my PC which I have since September 2015.

  26. I still use a Phenom II X6 1090T paired with 8GB Ram from Ballistix running at 1600 Mhz and a GTX 970. I play at 1080p and so far i have yet to see a game putting excess stress on this setup. My average fps is constantly above 65 – 70 at high settings no matter the game.

  27. Lol. My school has a bunch of those HP desktops. 😛

  28. The gaming footage benchmarks look damn good. Bugs me when people say graphics with that fidelity look like shit. Might have to do something like this with a rig I just got for free.

    Edit: Ended up finding the same tower and building an identical machine for $199. Rich made a good example. Just make sure you hunt for great deals.

  29. Dual cores have to be killed with fire ! Fuck you intel ! In 2017 they are still pushing 4cores on cosumer. That's why amd is tbagging them with ryzen.

  30. i run x2 athlon it runs most games as good as ps4 farcry does stutter a lot but almost every other game runs fine with a decent graphix card i use the ati version of the 1050

  31. im about to use this build. how upgradable is it. ive never built a pc so i just want to make sure

  32. honestly if I didnt like open world games like skyrim (with possible mods) or Dark souls I would have considered this one:)
    gj rich on the build might consider this if I ever need a cheap replacment rig

  33. That school looks like it was in Britain.

  34. Whats the music when he does the benchmarks?

  35. i dont know what any of rhis means :,(

  36. You can actually use a 7 key on 10.

  37. Does this pc run 8th gen games well

  38. "out of stock"
    rip my pc dreams

  39. What the hell is a Cuba Gooding Jr Core?

  40. The buyer paying return shipping is standard practice and the shipping is more than fair for the weight of the PC. So is the re-stocking fee. As a seller you loose money if you get a return from paypal and ebay fees. Cost of materials, the box, the time it takes to wrap and mail it and process it. It's ebay, not new amazon stuff.

  41. eBay has protection if the product is broken.

  42. I regularly see used X1's and ps4's on ebay for like $150-175 bucks, ebay is ebay. Show me a brand NEW PC for $250 bucks comparable to a new console with its price/performance&features a 4K blu ray drive, then we will talk Rich.

  43. my laptop has 32gb of ram and i7, 4gb vram but it cost £2000 that save up for 2 year to get