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This Box Can Turn A Low Spec Laptop Into A Gaming Beast

Ever wish you could increase the speed or fire-up the graphics capabilities of your low-spec laptop? Here’s what future technology holds for laptops. Let’s talk about it!
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  1. Hey
    I don't understand the whole appeal of 4K

    I can't tell the difference between that and 720p

  2. If I stick it up my ass will I become an evolved human being?

  3. huh…useless!!
    first of all!!
    a low specs laptop will not have a thunderbolt port to connect the graphics card, and the laptop which will have a thunderbolt connecter, they will not need any external graphics card!!

  4. I could really use this tech I use my laptop allot for games and with most games I can get a average of about 30-40 fps using intel onboard graphics but I want more I want to run crysis

  5. If you laptop and is able to connect to wifi wirelessly you more then likely have a wifi card which if you take out it uses a mini pic express port 🙂

  6. It can't clean my room so it can't do everything! #GETREKT

  7. Guys stop spending money and download a GTX 1080 and 16 GB of ram and a intel core I5

  8. ya but ur laptop needs to have that port in first place lmao

  9. Am I the only one who games on PC and console?

  10. i have a question. The Alienware laptop has a thunderbolt 3 port and the port for alienwares graphics amplifier. so could i technically add 2 external gpus? (not that im going to)

  11. where can i buy That thingy?

  12. So this will work for my grandmas 69 year old box computer

  13. Imagine plugging in all of what he listed into a 3000 dollar gaming laptop ?

  14. Imagine plugging in all of what he listed into a 3000 dollar laptop ?

  15. is this gonna be for windows or just mac

  16. There are only like 4 or 5 laptops out there that have Thunderbolt 3….

  17. what would be gaming requirements of 2025

  18. Whispering
    "Could as well build a pc"
    Some kid with voice crack

  19. I need something to beef it up. clickbait

  20. Pc Master Race four or five times in a comment

  21. i m really exited man uff 4k gaming OH my god ?

  22. can't believe I just now seen this video. I like not thinking at all lol. best thing you said in the video

  23. Pc master race pc master race pc
    Master race pc master
    Race pc master race

  24. i mean this is all cool and shit but im going to build a pc for the money you can buy this