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The Top 25 Modern PC Games

When we look back at the last 10 years (from 2006 to 2016), we see proof that the PC is the most diverse gaming platform ever created. Check out our updated Top 25 PC Games list.

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  1. not a single game of resident evil??

  2. tomb raider 2k13 should be here..

  3. 1. Fallout
    1. Civ5
    1. Skyrim
    1. Stellaris
    1. Xcom2
    1. Civ6

  4. My favourite
    3.Asssasins creed : Black flag
    4.GTA V
    5.Saints row 4
    6.ONI (By Bungie)
    8.Duke nukem world tour edition
    9.Spiderman:The movie game

  5. There are rarely any PC exclusives I like.

    Starcraft 2 was great but rts are very hard to master and hugely damages you a game if you stop playing for 30 seconds.

  6. Now if we could get Sony to put there games on PC, it would be pointless to owned a console.

  7. If I had to add a game Id say No Mans Sky

  8. my 5 favourite games are:
    5. The Forest
    4. CSGO
    3. H1Z1
    2. Civilization 5
    1. Dead By Daylight

  9. If IGN likes them, I don't

    unless there's Undertale

  10. world of warcraft is made in 2004 so why its in this list

  11. IGN, you know your getting the best shit on the internet. And we mean actual shit.

  12. now the question is how many of this can my pc actually run

  13. Love portal 2 but its not # 1 in my opinion

  14. I can't get anybody to try portal games. They're just like "thats stupid you dont kill anything…"

  15. what about any of the dragon age games? dark souls? dragons dogma?

  16. This list is trash, not enough cod

  17. Pc is so diverse, its that pc is filled with games for every type of gamer.From a kid to an elder person everyone has multiple options its just insane and thats why i absolutely love it.

  18. I think its depressing… somehow nothing really exciting in that list… 🙁

  19. u put the PC arkham city on here!?

  20. what is the song playing in the background

  21. Why does this only have 100,000 views it deserves millions

  22. wtf i just watch the 2014 video, and this is just like that! no more ideas IGN?

  23. Even if You Don't Agree with the list (95% of you) It's Still a very good, and detailed video.

  24. you forgot PES or any football game to be complete. No football no life 😛

  25. yes. portal 2 is the best game. hands down! thank you

  26. oh yeah, ask anyone from 12 years old to 40 years old! Ask them what is the number one PC modern games and you bet EVERYONE will say portal 2!

    I tell you what, it might be the best PUZZLE game in 10 years, but how many people out there even play those games compared to others like RPG?

  27. This list is pretty legit, all those games are worth playing. saying that a game is missing or that the number 10 should be on top 3 or be number one it's just stupid imo

  28. Why is this a PC list yet you show console gameplay ???

  29. which games is the best for my pc :

    pentium dual core e5700 3.0ghz
    AMD HD 6570
    4gb Ram

  30. Maybe credit people when you take their footage ign.

  31. Diablo? .. SupComFA? .. and what happened to fallout 4?

  32. it's funny how many people are triggered at the fact that skyrim is higher than the witcher. lol! story aside, skyrim is a much better game than the witcher, only looks worse because it's much older

  33. how is arkham city on this list?

  34. Skyrim is not nearly as good as Witcher 3. This list is a crime.