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The New CS:GO Rank: “WOOD”

Today we have some fun.
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Previous CS:GO Solo Queue:
“THEY ALL REPORTED ME” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy4aGVlRUy8

So I might make this a new CS:GO series where I play in the Silver ranks and have some fun. For too long Gold Novas have been told they are silver, so therefore today we go in search for the new CS:GO rank to replace the real Silver

Thumbnail Art – http://xenonnati.deviantart.com/


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United Kingdom

Music by :
Outro Song: Shakka / Frisco – Walking With Elephants


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  1. At least I am a true silver. Not wood.

  2. I have 272 Wins in competitive.

    I'm Silver 3…

  3. I know I'm silver trash but what the fuck was this? They were actually playing on a trackpad.

  4. wait, why did people dislike? xd

  5. Why do you trying to be Pewdiepie?

  6. I am WOODEN ELITE broooooooooooooo xDDD

  7. i am a silver but im far away that bad kkk

  8. Either CS is just bad or wtf hacks at 3:07. You weren't even near him xD


  10. 1:28 "Polski_Killer"

    Szanujemy polaków z ligi silvera XDDDD

  11. Why do i feel like he is ripping of pewdiepie lines ?

  12. And I thought my aim was bad… I'm unranked so I get paired with gold nova's and silver master elites in com ;-; Just watching their aim makes me feel a lot better lol.

  13. Im unranked and i know more than these silvers

  14. Pushes suicide – Complains about shitty players

  15. you look like a 13 year old who just started to get facial hair please shave

  16. Seriously though wouldn't it be bronze rather than wood

  17. The real question is how do you get 10 wins and stay in silver one?

  18. NUSRET BABA 10:30 He İs Turkish People xD

  19. 0:48 he is from Poland and he is a kid beacuse his name and i'm from Poland and i know how to plant a bomb even if i have silver 2 -,-

  20. Lol kids that play mm and say they are cool at school.
    nice smurfing anyway

  21. what is this snapping of the crosshairs?
    suspicions intensify

  22. im in silver too and its so painful to watch your team mates play

  23. a typical Minecraft let's player!

  24. He had me at harry potter music

  25. doesnt talk untill round 25/30 (green) also all the nosc's were dope. almost aceuuuuuu noscccccopeeeee

  26. I am actually good for a silver, I play with people 3-4 lol higher that me and do REALLY GOOD