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The $3,500 Gaming PC From 2000

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  1. perfect aesthetics holy crap

  2. If you were to take a modern day $2,000 gaming PC to the year 2000, how much could you sell it for at the time? I mean, specs wise it's nearly 2 decades ahead of its time.

  3. Lol 3500 bucks rig that runs half life at 20 fps

  4. I'm not sure I would say an enthusiast PC of the year 2000 costs $3,500. For one, the market up prebuilt machines was much higher back then. This machine would compare to a modern Digital Storm or Alienware computer, where a $3k + machine costs roughly $1.2k to build.

    Keep in mind that this was a time where your average person buying a computer had no idea what they were doing and most of those consumers today do not own computers, they own tablets and cell phones. Seeing as how most computers came with printers, monitors and other peripherals as well as was not using the best parts for the dollar I'm guessing you could have built a similarly specced machine for around $900 if you focused on gaming only and $1400 if you focused on everything like the original machine did. (CD Burners were expensive)

  5. I remember fondly my Gateway Performance 450 back in 99. God this video makes me feel old.

  6. but can it run club penguin at 60fps?

  7. It's honestly insulting to those of us who aren't young dingus' when children attempt to cover material they know nothing of. If you had been alive during the era of the home PC boom, the creation of internet, gaming as a whole , 3D acceleration coming to pass, the numerous companies that have since dwindled to two with zero innovation or competition… let alone fair pricing… and so much more, you'd understand… That said, and since you were not, you cannot even fathom that in which you do not know… And if it could somehow magically be placed into your skull, the experience of inventing water coolers, overclocking with TECS etc, your head would probably just explode.

    Stick to something children know well, like… I don't know… Entitlement or something.

  8. I need help, looking for a budget PC build that can run minesweeper at 4K 120fps

  9. Hello. My first ever PC, back around the Autumn of 2003, was a Gateway Celeron 400A refurb, with 128MB SDRAM, onboard 8MB ATI Rage 128 VR AGP 2x graphics, onboard Sound Blaster PCI 128 audio, a 10GB Western Digital 5400rpm HDD, Lite-On DVD combo drive, and an Intel 536EP PCI modem card. It came within a generic beige and blue case with a 15" Compaq CRT monitor, stereo speakers, PS/2 keyboard and ball mouse, running Windows 98se, with Nero 6 OEM, Power DVD 5 and Microsoft Works 2000. In total, it cost me just £199.99, inclusive of VAT in the UK.

    I've recently repurposed the case of my original PC for a new retro build based around a Pentium III 800EB Windows 98se gaming build that's still in progress. 😉

  10. this thing performs better than a celeron pc from 2005 i bought with the monitor and keyboard for £10. i cant even play doom in 20FPS and the CPU (clocked at 2 GHZ) goes into overdrive when windows 2000 is sitting idle.

  11. i wish my computer had a cup holder

  12. man i ut 99 back in the day damm im old

  13. the camera itself is probably from 2000

  14. My high-end 1998 PC runs games better than yours !
    For example, RE-Volt has higher FPS and it's running at 1024*768, not 640*480 !

    Pretty munch every game are running better on my 1998 PC than on your Y2K PC, and believe me, they should not if it was really a high end PC

    You should drop that terrible TNT2 m64 and go for a Geforce DDR or for a Geforce 2 (munch easier to find and still a y2k GPU while being even faster than the geforce DDR). The TNT2 m64 is nvidia's low-end GPU from 1999

  15. OMG midtown madness looked like that … man I am old as f

  16. whats the song called right at the start?

  17. Those Adverts seemed way better than the ones we get today for Gaming

  18. 3500$ pc and you can't play that year games at 60 fps lol, then consoles were really cheaper and more worth it.

  19. Lol… here in poland … i have slighty better now… Built for like…. 20% of my payout…

  20. That was expensive to play hl1 confortable back in 2000…

  21. there is no need for a long intro

  22. lmfao you're only from 2000 and you're already a queer? I blame the new schooling system personally

  23. What the fuck was that intro? Because it was so helpful to see the computer stand next to a fucking tree.

  24. Haha this PC is just a little younger than me

  25. That PC maybe costs:3500 динара in Serbia and thats about 30 dolars!

  26. 2000…. I was in the sixth grade…. shit. I'm getting old.

  27. that's how much my compaq pesario 5170 cost with extras.

  28. Now I see that GHG inspires you

  29. the quality of this video feels like it was made in 2000

  30. Nice work on making your video actually look like it was from the 90's-2000's

    I more remember computers being impressive when they have 600mhz and 256mb of ram. My first computer was HARDCORE.

    OH man I haven't played Revolt in YEARS! (in over a decade it seems)
    Midtown Madness I believe was before GTA went 3d and I remember fantasising how hardcore it would be if GTA went 3d.

    The system specs at the end was the computer the family had before I got my first computer. Except we were running Windows 95.