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The $250 Gaming Laptop; A Low-end gamer’s dream

When talking about gaming laptops people seem to forget that not everybody owns the united states gold reserves and is capable of spending 3 thousand …


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  1. So, apparently I had the laptop on power saver mode when benchmarking. I might revisit this laptop as it has improved SUBSTANTIALLY after a reformat from windows 10 down to windows 7.

  2. how does this work better than my pavillion 15" 1tb 8gb ram fskjveriniwernc too bad i dint know shit 2 years ago

  3. this only made me think that my laptop that i bought for the same price (lenovo T430) was a bad deal.

  4. Now I know that I'll be able to play Fallout 4 on my laptop. I'm even happier to know that I'll be able to run it even better than this thing did.

  5. Ironically, I own a Lenovo ThinkPad T410: 2.4GHz i5, 8GB RAM, Nvidia 3100M (256MB) graphics, with Windows 7 64 bit and Linux Mint 17.3 64 bit dual-booted. $135 refurbished.
    Runs Oblivion and Killing Floor…max. Fallout New Vegas and Left 4 Dead 2 require turning things down a bit.
    My old faves, like Quake III or Unreal Tournament 2004 run on max flawlessly.

  6. I have the g505s but now I have a  gaming pc but I used to use the laptop for gaming

  7. i would just be happy to load steam on this coumputer

  8. Looks almost EXACTLY like the laptop I'm using, which is the G585, which for some reason has 2GB less RAM, and an arguably inferior video and graphics card. Either my laptop is inferior, or just wasn't made specifically for gaming. I don't know. I plan to replace this thing first chance I get.

  9. i get this computer as a present is nooooooooooooooooot good the battery Life sucks

  10. this is bullshit, had this laptop nd it was shit

  11. Mine survived dropping it twice

  12. "the battery powering this thing is a piece of shit" LOL XD

  13. they have one close to this for 50 dollars more. the lenovo ideapad 110. I have the touch version and it has a newer a8 CPU but r5 igpu. I feel that its a pretty good deal for the money but I'm a kid so what do I know?

  14. @58 seconds it looks like you wiped you're arse on the bezels.

  15. i have a geforce 920M ENTRY LEVEL SHIT Is it worse than geforce 210 ? please reply

  16. I have a Lenovo g50 I hate it it sucks in the long run

  17. idc how much it costs the performance is terrible

  18. Lol this is painful. Just build a desktop

  19. I bought a 330 laptop and it cant even run dota 2 fml

  20. It would probably be a good to and fro laptop for college student who have no money, but I honestly would just invest around $700 and get something that will last me way longer.

  21. he's not even running most games in 720p lol, 480p is like an old tv

  22. Dude. Don't you feel guilty at all for lying about the prices? You know, you got something going on here. You remind me of greenhamgaming. You don't have to clickbait. You can do this man.

  23. If I would buy a laptop that looks like that I think I would probably buy a PS4 or Xbox one

  24. omg I found the 6gb version on eBay for 140 bucks and it's refurbished

  25. Guys sub to our channel and we'll sub back

    I swear to god this is the shittiest fucking laptop i've ever used! They shouldn't have marketed this as a "gaming laptop" because it can't run csgo all lowest settings 4:3 lowest res and aspect ratio. From my experience it runs at 23-50 and 50 is if there is no bots and you are looking at the floor. Leauge can run at highest but it is usually around 30 fps. Even if you do change the graphics down it still is around 30 and I don't know why. So bottom line just dont buy this peice of fucking shit and save up for something in the $500 range if you really need the portibility.