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The 15 BEST Upcoming Games of 2017 | Most Anticipated Games of 2017 PS4 Xbox One PC

Here are the TOP 15 BEST Upcoming Games YOU NEED TO PLAY in 2017! Including Red Dead Redemption 2, Friday The 13th Game & Mass Effect Andromeda, all of these new games will make 2017 the best year of gaming! 2016 is ending pretty soon, let’s focus on what’s to come! 🙂 Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments!

NEW TRAILERS from all these games:

0:00 Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

1:21 Friday The 13th Game

3:14 The Conjuring House

5:55 Horizon Zero Dawn

8:38 Red Dead Redemption 2 (watch trailer: https://youtu.be/dSMkajAo2ys)

9:20 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

10:23 Become Human

12:47 Vampyr

14:38 For Honor

16:12 Prey

17:42 Days Gone

19:04 Mass Effect Andromeda

20:47 God Of War

23:03 Spiderman

24:09 Scorn

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  1. stop putting thumbnails of already existing games. Your content is good so stick to the games you feature.

  2. How about Final Fantasy VII and XII remakes?

  3. My list:

    1-2 Most Wanted
    3-5 Want

    1. Spider-Man PS4
    2. Red Dead Redemption 2
    3. God Of War
    4. Horizon Zero Dawn
    5. Far Cry

  4. why is everything only for ps4 it pisses me off

  5. Why is it that 98% of all games are trash if these so called college nerds are so smart what's up why can't they make great games

  6. so now that we know all outcomes of the ending of Detroit: Become Human….

  7. we need one game that can play 3 years, like destiny, borderlands, skyrim. these games just like try it and return type, not very hype now…maybe just 1 or 2 is nice to have.


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  9. omg that last one. that style is so freaky and disgusting. cool art

  10. friday the 13th multiplayer looks cool

  11. Should have put Hellblade somewhere in that list.

  12. I was excited for the Jason voorhees game, but I really don't like how Jason looks.

  13. Many of these look like shit (Rising Storm). And some are great but are potato aim console only (HZD). And some even aren't on the fucking list (Shadow of War).

  14. Hope spiderman ps4 will release this year 2017

  15. абсалютино все параша

  16. Dont see how you can make this list without E3 first. no mention of Destiny 2, fail.

  17. Persona 5 didn't make the list? really? Lol joke of a list

  18. Is this a joke is this really our revloution of just killers is that all that Matters to you people I am seriously disappointed our revloution sucks

  19. This is the best game but it's always a kill game nothing new That's all that matters is kill games fuck games that are only kill games our revloution only matters is killers these fuck this future it sucks

  20. Red Dead looks like the only good game due to the fact that I didn't even see a trailer for it

  21. Detroid Become Human: It this game all about Decisions or is there a "real" Gameplay anybody know?

  22. Happy Birthday

    MathChief – Gameplay & Trailers!

    today this completed 5 years

  23. hi guys subscribe to my gaming channel

  24. 11.08 god damn exclusive epic games