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The 12 BEST Upcoming Games of Spring 2017 | New Games Coming Soon on PS4 Xbox One PC

Here are the 12 BEST Upcoming Games to ABSOLUTELY play this Spring 2017! The best & newest games coming in April, May & June 2017! Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments!

0:00 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

1:48 Little Nightmares

3:35 Battalion 1944

5:35 Agony

7:45 Uncharted The Lost Legacy

10:44 Sea of Thieves

13:06 Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

14:24 Friday The 13th Game

15:40 Prey

18:20 Injustice 2

20:07 The Surge

22:03 Dirt 4

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  1. Eh I think the best one is little nightmares, injustice 2 and uncharted lost legacy. Out of all injustice 2 is the best

  2. Haven't watched vid yet but I hope red dead redemption 2 on this list who's exited for that game ????????

  3. looks like the only advertisement YouTube has left is Nissan because its the only one ive seen over and over and over on every video i watch and you cant skip the damn thing! im really getting sick of seeing it

  4. all these games are dispointing not in graphics way but gameplay its all the same from other games just in diffrent dress all im waiting for is NFS underground 3 or some shooter coming out like battlefield 4 or new tekken but theres nothing like to cheer for ghost recon wild lands was good looking but in 2 weeks you kinda did finish the gameplay.

  5. Only the pirate coop one looked fun and maybe the little nightmare, but everything else looks pretty boring.

  6. another shit videogames year, ill have to wait til 2018

  7. SGW3: "Improvise" runs a guy over
    Sea of Thieves looks like the pirate beta from last year.
    FT13 looks great
    Prey looks like the Half Life 3 y'all been waiting for
    Injustice 2 i'd like to see more of

  8. rising storm looks bad ass need be on console's

  9. dirt 4 looks like a game I used to have with the wheel and everything

  10. I also want to play rising storm 2 Vietnam

  11. I want to play sniper ghost warrior 3

  12. Is it just me or does sniper ghost warrior 3 it was seem like wildlands

  13. The graphics in sniper ghost warrior aren't that good

  14. looks like its going to be a crappy year

  15. Wow. I'm not impressed by none of this shit. I'm gonna checkout Injustice 2 though

  16. No one wants yet another world war 2 game. Everyone was sick of it being beaten into our skull in school then we had to endure it in the virtual world repetitively.

  17. The last good game I've played was The Witcher 3. And none of these will be half that good.

  18. little nightmares gave me a limbo vibe

  19. Some of these games look promising and interesting (Little Nightmares, Agony) while others look very, very bland (Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Battalion 1944)

  20. Is it just me, but these games are weak as fuck! There ideas are running out and the graphics are getting worse!

  21. nobodys going to buy agony thats for sure

  22. Well. agony is going to be banned in Australia.

  23. am i the only one who would like a triple A vietnam fps?

  24. It's kinda sad about battalion 1944 as the next cod will be in WWII so it might not do as well

  25. I liked the (Friday 13th! !) that game is going to be awesome! !!!!!!!!!!

  26. What has this world come to…. we really let kids play a game about being a demon in hell? This isn't Spawn we're talking about guys… that's truly demonic and disturbing. Kids playing that game are going to end up killing small animals before you know it. Wow I'm so ashamed. Hell is not something to be considered a game. Demonic whispers while sacrificing people… all time low for humanity.

  27. injustice gods among us sounds fun