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The 12 BEST Upcoming Games of Early 2017 | New Winter Games PS4 Xbox One PC (Q1 2017)

Here are the 12 BEST & Most Anticipated Upcoming Games coming this Winter 2017 on PS4 Xbox One & PC! New games for you to play! Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments!

0:00 Resident Evil 7

2:17 For Honor

3:58 Ghost Recon Wildlands

6:20 Sniper Elite 4

8:13 Mass Effect Andromeda

11:03 Halo Wars 2

13:17 Horizon Zero Dawn

14:40 South Park The Fratured But Whole

17:00 Conan Exiles

20:03 Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

21:09 Friday the 13th Game

22:03 Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord

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  1. wtf is with graphics going downhill? they seem to get worse!

  2. well you can be sure whatever ubisoft shows is a lie

  3. Horizon zero dawn is gonna win game of the year

  4. Is Rising Storm going to be on PS4?

  5. Really?!!?
    Another pro American, hyped up, garbage ass Vietnam war game?….Bury it already!

  6. Best fellow gamers,
    Read this comment very well.
    all these upcoming games will be full of glitches, bugs, ugly graphics, a storyline that suck, gamebreaking stuff, and other garbage.
    you'll spend your money and you'll play the game for a few days, maybe weeks.
    and than you'll realize that you play pure garbage. all of this because the game developers lazy and greedy.
    so you addicted to good games you played and for now you will be hypnotized with this trailers that look like movies and everything high graded in it.
    now we have to stand up and don't buy these garbage games to let these developers know you can't mess with us.
    please make a good decision.

    Have a nice day everyone!!!!!

  7. Rising storm wont come for consoles.. Whos the idiot creating vids with no good info..

  8. if buzzfeed show the trailer of friday the 13th to feminists at 21:28 they will be like: YOU ASSHOLE RAPIST SEXISTS

  9. resident evil VII : probably the only good game in 2017 so far..

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  11. This list is very biased its either really popular companies or long running titles. where things like nioh?

  12. Such shitty games ( except the southpark ones lol)

  13. where the fuck is project sonic 2017???

  14. so the "12 best upcoming gamesof early 2017" are just war and kill games? fuck it!

  15. So where is the thumbnail in this video?

  16. not interested of half of the games on this list…

  17. nice Chanel i sb sb back please. tks

  18. what you guys think about this game Agony ???