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The 10 best multiplayer games on PC

Lock, load and for goodness’ sakes mute your headset mic as we break down the very best of multiplayer gaming on PC.

00:25 – Overwatch
01:03 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
01:43 – Team Fortress 2
02:24 – Towerfall Ascension
03:02 – Unreal Tournament
03:50 – Rocket League
04:34 – Battlefield 4
05:12 – Quake III Arena
05:47 – Rainbow Six Siege
06:32 – Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

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  1. Your line about getting as close as possible to real war with a mouser and keyboard…. PLAY SQUAD

  2. this should be called ur top 10 fps games….

  3. This narrator makes me want to pour bleach into my ears followed by stuffing them with small paracetamol tablets as it stretches them to bursting.

  4. Lol all this games in 1 year togheter dont get 15% off Lol players .. in a month :)))) …

  5. "…it's a good job Blizzard are dab hands at balancing."


  6. No starcraft 2 and no moba game on the list but 2 games most people havent even heared about…

  7. Where did you get those clips…

  8. before buying cs go think about this
    it doesnt matter how good you are 90 % of time u will play against wall hackers aimboters autotriggers and other hackers because valve doesnt give a damn about baning people all they care is that those people spend money on their game
    second thing is udates are all the time and they are bullshit they wont fix the game but they will add new bomb sound
    third thing is too mutch smurfs (people of high rank playing low ranks just bcz they are retarded and cant rank up more on their main account.
    fourth thing first 50 hours of competitive gaming you will spend playing with 7 year old kid who scream on russian,after that you will play with teen russians who scream on russian because they dont know english and there are turks who scream balablablabl and allahu akbar all the time
    i buyed this game i played a lot from 2013 to now and game is totali broken i am regreting i spended money on it. Even free cs 1.6 i better.

  9. the overwatch is the best in the best multiplayer abd team fortess is best
    🙂 xd lol

  10. I am not a league or dota 2 fan but you left those out and put there some games that no one plays right now sry man but i disagree with ur list.

  11. Very good video, but If you are going to include gameplay from "good" moments that showcase unique skill and funny moments, then you have to do that for every game. That Rocket League clip is really bad in showing what the game can offer, whereas every other game was presented in a good way :/.

  12. What are the best multiplayer PC games for solo pubbing where I can consistently stomp 1vs12+ because I'm that good and not held back by "team based" game design like MOBAs?