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Steam VS FAKE Games! – The Know Gaming News

Valve is making promises (again) to do something about all those fake Steam games out there. Only this time, they invited Jim Sterling and TotalBiscuit to their offices to talk about the changes they’re going to make. Will Steam Explorers be the cure for Steam’s problem with crappy games?

Written By: Brian Gaar
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins & Adam Ellis

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  1. Step 1: ask for donations/give keys for cash
    Step 2: pay the fee
    Step 3: PROFIT

  2. So reading between the lines, it's basically reviews without the depth?

  3. As someone who wants to try their hand at making a game, I'm curious to see how the new steam game submission will work out

  4. So a small handfull of people will get to dictate what is pushed to the top of Steam? No chance of back-handers and corruption there then. Just make a separate platform for indy games.

  5. So…. Developers will pay off explorers and curators to bump their games?

  6. so basicly yelp but for games? oh god watch people start thinking they are some important game reviewers

  7. Can't be worse than greenlight, I know that

  8. Well, at least it's a start. It's better then nothing, but hopefully it gets improved over time, meaning trial and error.

  9. Well, when you sign up as an explorer, you could have the option to select genres you do/dont like and steam will set up your lists based on that- it gets rid of the downvoting based on genre problem

  10. what about those people who believe that a particular genre should only ever have one game in it and EVERY other game in that genre is a rip-off/clone {cough} minecraft fanboys {cough}

  11. The major issue on Steam is Early Access games never being finished.

  12. I don't really use steam much less create games but I hope they implement a fair price on putting games into steam, some people who are just starting out could stand to lose a lot of money and although I highly appreciate why their doing this it seems harsh to basically punish the genuine creators by making them pay a small ransom, maybe they could ask for that fee and as incentive give it back if the game makes a killing proving that it's actually a genuine game and as punishment for people wasting the time and virtual space of the steam store and it's customers, that way it means the people making real good games aren't being punished by steam while content flippers are severely punished for their horrendous crimes to all gamer's out there on steam and it means steam will also earn cashflow from the scum while getting good content which will also ironically make them money, a win win dood. 😀

  13. This sounds really cool! Steam could help combat the bias loophole by having these explorers get outside of their comfort zones & try different games that while they may not be their cup of tea at least you could get a relatively honest answer. Now whether you force them through quotas or give them more incentives (which is probably the better option) I don't know but it could definitely help.

  14. but if steam only has good games, then funhaus will be out of content! :'(

  15. well i hope its better than the current system: based on your history of playing goat simulator (for an hour) why not play tank dating simulator except for simulator i don't think these are similar

  16. Make it to where curators put down their preference for genre when they sign up. That way, they will get games on their virtual desk that they will fairly curate those games. Users can look at certain genres, and they can follow curators of genres they enjoy. There- people will not downvote entire genres because they don't like the genre. Curators for specific genres they sign up for. AND, a curator cannot downvote or upvote a game they haven't had a certain amount of playtime in. To counteract letting your computer sit for the time in the game, you can implement a skip and a save for later mechanism.

  17. Ashley, where can I get that shirt?

  18. Hmm…perhaps address issues like ARK? Gamers paying for a game in development….yet STILL unfinished and with major graphics and game play issues FOUR YEARS later?

  19. It's a weird situation, it is a parallel economy where some people grind out the system to actually make money from steam cards, it's likely a lot of work or requires a fair amount of skill to create and control bots. It is a functional pyramidal economy where the new comers, Watanabe's, curious or collectors bring in fresh money. Steam and the people farming it, or even just the casual with too many cards who don't care just sell them for a € here and there so everyone gains from it. And of course the people who sell the shovelware that feed the system with crappy games with cards for as cheap as possible also make money. So everyone gains from the system, even if in such a tiny amount most people don't care. As all modern blooming economy there is a cost on the planet, all that computer power and internet traffic for crappy games people just download and run for the cards but don't play, all that uses energy, a lot of energy. The other downside if of course that 99% of games are crap and that makes it harder to find good ones maybe.

  20. Steam is going to get even more money frome develepers are u people blind?

  21. fee and a special roman system….

  22. Is Valve going to PAY those people for going through the new submissions, or is this just another attempt by Valve to take advantage of free labor?

    Also, how will Valve be keeping an eye on those who are viewing the new submissions to not be bought by the dishonest game developers out there?

    Developer "Hey, I am willing to pay you $100.00 dollars, and can you give my game a good thumbs up?"

    Unpaid Employee "Sure, who are you btw?"

    Developer "P. Romine."

    Employee "oh, are you related to Robert Romine, and were you a part of Digital Homicide?"

    Developer: No, just same last name, and no, I was never part of Digital Homicide.

    Unpaid Employee "Sure I'll give you a thumbs up, and send it along to be past. Also, the $100.00 dollars can be sent to me via normal means, and thanks."

    Developer: "Thanks. How long do I have to wait until I get an answer on this once you pass it along?"

    Employee: "Not long, and do you have extra keys I can spread around with my friends to give it a try, and maybe stream some good reviews for you?"

    Developer: "Sure, I'll send them too you via PM when you are ready."

    Employee: "Thanks…. Okay I just sent off the information, and you should be seeing something positive soon."

    Developer: "Thanks, and chat later."

    Unpaid Employee: "Cheers."

  23. Microsoft Sony and Nintendo already have answer to that, submission fees so they can hire their own testers to make sure of quality

  24. Heeeeeeehheeeeeee their's a Viking in our presence. ?

  25. steam adding goddamn app games from android and ios wtf

  26. now if only the Android store and the Iphone market can do the same. both of these stores are equally as terrible.

  27. Hopefully the system takes into consideration the types of genres a person seems to like. Example if I'm not big on fps and me down voting such a game that should take that into consideration, where as if I upvote one could mean its an fps that has gone above and beyond your typical fps.

    Don't know that it has to mean someone branching out of their typical genres has to mean something extra, aka valued more. Though you could expect there will be those that upvote simply because a game is in a genre they like. So could at least be displayed as its own value, here is the number of upvotes for people that usually aren't big into this genre, here is the overall ratio.

    Or the potential to show the ratio for people who have similar genre types to the user as well as the regular overall. That way getting a value from 'like minded' users could more valuable, regardless of the general populous liking or not liking a game.

  28. They should just hire people to check out the games. I'm talking about a dedicated QA team that way there is no prejudice. That would probably have to be 20-30 people and it would delay things, but, they wouldn't have to play a game to completion to test it. 2-5 people play the final build, pre-released versions for about 30 minutes. I believe that's a good solution.

    I'm sure Valve and Steam have a QA team so they could work this there somehow.

  29. Yeah, we need a report developer button.

  30. In response to TitanFallout's comment: Donald Trump, "We're going to have EXTREME VETTING OF ALL INDIE DEVELOPERS! We're gonna let the good ones on to the platform and BOMB THE HELL OUT OF THE BAD ONES!!!! . . . . . . . . . . MICROSOFT! . . . Microsoft is going to PAY. FOR. THE. FIREWALL!!!!! WE'RE GOING TO MAKE STEAM GREAT AGAIN! YOU MAY EVEN GET TIRED OF WINNING with SO MANY BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL games.

    Ivanka and I will work so many late hours into the night to make. Steam. great. again! bing bong bang *bang*"

  31. I'm not sure I want the cream from the crap tank.

  32. yeaaa… the free to play section has become a trash bin, anything beyond page 7 is just horrible browser games

  33. Probably been asked before but where is the "HOOYAA!!" sound in the intro from? Pappa needs a new text notification!!

  34. Cities Skyline with a controller … HAHAHAHAHA

  35. Oh yay. Jim Sterling has my trust on his viewpoints on how games should be. Valve needs direct policing on their content. TotalBiscuit has some issues with game performance, but I'm mostly in agreement with his viewpoints as well. 60 FPS at the very least should definitely be the norm. We'll cross the 120 FPS wall when 60 FPS becomes much more prevalent that 30 FPS.

  36. Jesus could you at least look interested?

  37. greenlight will end, its on their forums

  38. I guess this means we will no longer see crappy company like Digital Sucide clones for making quick bucks.

  39. what will happen to the cracked games? and accounts that played cracked games? (spacewar)…

  40. Kinda wish you guys were sat on a sofa rather than stood up. Sometimes looks awkward stood up.