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STAR CITIZEN – 24 Minutes of EPIC Gameplay (Open Universe Sandbox Game) CitizenCon 2016

STAR CITIZEN – 24 Minutes of EPIC Gameplay (Open World Universe Sandbox Survival Game) CitizenCon 2016. Star Citizen will only be on PC for now.
Gameplay uploaded by: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamersPreyHD
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  1. Esse jogo já foi lançado? algum br

  2. This game is just too good to be true, i will honestly be flabbergasted if this ever releases and delivers on it's promises.
    I know it's really hard to say this but don't get your hopes up.

  3. Thank god you don't come to my rescue, you landed on the other side of the fking planet!

  4. I wonder how big the map is

  5. when the desc says it will be on pc for now. it said in the reveal trailer back in 2012 that Star citizen is only a PC Game and not coming to console

  6. Im from 2022 and this game is awesome

  7. this speeder has to be as fast as in star wars pls <3

  8. I can't help but hear the voice of Sean Murray listening to this guy.

  9. So you saw a nomad and just murdered him!?!

  10. This is what "Destiny" SHOULD have been. But they lied

  11. i am scared that it will end up like no mans sky

  12. SO HYPED FFS…. if this will go right, it will be lvl above any game out there. The technology behind it is incredible. I just hope it's feasible enough to happen. For that reason some people say it's over-ambitious. Those people don't know Chris Roberts…

  13. Yeah, if you could stop changing camera views in the vehicle and just head to the distress call, that would be great.

  14. To the people saying it will be a no mans sky
    Well this is already playable when nms just got dumped on us with a couple of trailers but you can already experience this not saying it won't disappoint it still might but at least it's getting stuff added instead of taken away

  15. this game looks soooo fu##ing amazing!!!! the lighting !
    If it ever comes out and runs smoothly , it will be the best game evr

  16. This will either be the greatest video game ever created or it will never be made

  17. Did u all notice how bad the rendering is? The sand was rendering about 40 feet away showing the detail. pretty bad if you ask me, but dont color me impressed. Ill be impressed when they finally finish the damn game.