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  1. you should make more videos like this

  2. You need to learn how to dribble QJB you get carried and it's gotta stop

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  9. Because my Xbox one name is LongtimeArrow59 and I'm a rookie 4 but I am good at park and I'm from old town and I'm 86 overall

  10. qjb please dont cut the scenes i like watching gameplay

  11. Can i play with you on ps4 my username is otero751 78 overall sharpshooter all badges

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  13. what is your name on my park I can beat you

  14. QJB can you make a tattoo tutorial

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  19. My man Q you can't hold down the R2 or whatever it is on XBox it's always costing you ?

  20. QJB stop goin to park it's for ur safety

  21. That's not a pass it says bad shot selection

  22. Do you guys know how to delete the message this feature is unavailable don't have the required account privlages leave a like if you do