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Should You Buy A Gaming Laptop or Desktop PC?

A question that is often asked. What are the advantages to either system, and which should you buy? PC Centric talks through both, explaining which you should …


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  1. when you get tired of Hogwarts so you start YouTube…

  2. "Don't have to buy a screen" Monitor "Don't have to buy a keyboard" Then how do you even game on a desktop? "Don't have to buy a battery" Power supply

  3. hey I have a question. I want to buy a very good gaming laptop/pc. But my problem is that I want to play with my friends on the laptop or pc. Not online but 2 players. So I need a laptop for that. Only problem is that the laptops don't have much space. PC has about 1tb. The laptop has 500gb and I wanna get games like csgo gta v fifa 17 etc. Which one should I buy?

  4. i got an ad from the lamborghini garage guy

  5. I just bought the Asus rog 752v gaming laptop. Was that a good choise?

  6. Desktops are cheaper, but not in electricity…

  7. u can just conect ur laptop to a monitor and when u need it u can discconet it from the monitor

  8. That's why I hate my laptop lol, only for works

  9. laptop, ps4, nintendo switch and i am good.

  10. Man If I could build a Pc I would do that instead of considering getting a better laptop, this laptop isnt ment for gaming and has very limited space which requires for me to uninstall apps just to play one game depending on file size. If i didnt have to move around so much i would just build a pc

  11. The amount of retarded questions in the comments is just sad

  12. I'm literally just about to buy all the parts to a custom PC, but I'm kinda worried I'm wasting £700

  13. I do prefer Desktop.Because you can put the GTX 1080 in the Desktop.But Desktop are Cheaper.Laptops are expensive.So If the GTX 1080 graphics card is installed.No lag even in a Ultra Graphics.Which is good.And just save ???? For that graphics card.Around us in Philippines.Theres no such thing as a GTX 1080 Graphics card.but only found in a Online store Lazada.

  14. Look at the razor blade that is better than a desktop

  15. i already know. but i am here for general idea. you explained well

  16. so you are saying that i can stream my pc to Ohio at my cousins house.??? oh, you,,,,,, cant……. i thought not.

  17. im biased because that shirt strangling you're ass!

  18. tho a laptop is like 2,5kg or lower… Its not heavy at all… yes if you have no backpack Its annoiying but keep not heavy

  19. I have a £500 Samsung notebook it runs Minecraft well

  20. I think they are worth it but if your gona get a gaming laptop then buy a 2,500 or 3,000 dollar laptop… for example a Predator 15 with a 128GB SSD and more…

  21. This video is not as relevant now, with Pascal Laptops

  22. I'm an on the go type of guy, I know I'm getting a laptop, but what should I get? I'm thinking of getting an Acer Aspire E 15, they have a long battery life and can run games. I personally don't care about ultra settings and shit like that. GTA V runs a solids 40-50 fps I believe which is perfectly fine for me. But if any of you know better gaming laptops, tell me!. Plz and Thx:)