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Shadow of War – FIRST Gameplay Demo (New Open World Game 2017)

Middle Earth Shadow of War – FIRST Gameplay Demo Walkthrough (New Open World Game) 2017
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  1. Seems really good, but looks like its played on super easy mode. He hits the Boss 1-3 time and then some pre- done animation triggers with an ally doing the rest? Can someone correct me if I am missing something here. Thanks!

  2. Seems to take a lot from the Assassins creed combat style.

  3. wow i played shadow of mordor never beat it but this one will have me hyped for a long time

  4. Oh my GOODNESS!!! it's like skyrim and inquisition but way more cooler and I like skyrim as well! >O< also inquisition! The graphics… fascinating view, skills, equipment and dragons were awesome skills! I will be writing on my list. And earning money to buy this awesome gameplay! XD

  5. Хоршая игра. Покупать я её конечно не буду.

  6. I never played the first one, but this one looks dope AF

  7. I loved shadow of motor now this !!

  8. Enjoyed the first game however it was extremely overrated, partly due to the fanboys in denial, I hope this one fixes the boring side missions, repetitive story missions and little world content.

  9. Anyone else notice that there is a lot of sword play games

  10. Only thing i dislike is the fact that "oh shit i serve this other guy now, guess my armor is just gonna change colours dynamically." i suppose that isnt the worst thing in the world BUT THE ENTIRE FORTRESS? WHO PAINTED THAT SHIT GOLD IN TWO SECONDS?

  11. I went back to play the game again after watching this. vid.

  12. >our first objective will be to break through the main gate
    >just let me become intimate with this this catapult fireball first

  13. woah I didn't know Assassin's Creed had mods available

  14. Odd they didn't show game play of the micro-transactions.

  15. why when the demolisher take out the head from the body there is no splatter blood is it right? shouldnt it flush like ariver? i am kind of disappointed

  16. so fcking funny, these guys succeeded where skyrim didn't…………………………………… ridable flying dragons

  17. Fuck yes! Loot, Gigantic battles, betrayals, friendship, team management, Riding a MOTHAR FUCKING DRAGON, More commands when branding. They found a bunch of ways to improve on this game. Although hopefully you can change your hair and beard. And I also have to remember that this might be a pre-made mission like what they did with the first middle earth game and that the game might not be exactly like this. Still excited though