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Scum – FIRST Gameplay Demo (New Open World Prison Game) 2017

Scum – FIRST Gameplay Demo (New Open World Survival Prison Game) 2017 Upcoming Game 2017
Check out SCUM on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com//app/513710
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  1. that smile on ya face when he introduces himself …he he

  2. "Open World Prison Game"


  3. Holy shit this game is gonna blow up in release

  4. fucking zombie again? isn't it like 2010 idea?

  5. Make sure there's cheats so I don't have to drop all my shit when I get in a fight. God mode for compaign please or this game is gunna bomb if it isn't fun. Heads up!

  6. Dad: its not what you did son, its who you did it to

    Son: That f*cking nobody ?

    Dad: That f*cking nobody is John DICK

  7. my charakter will be called putin and figths a bear

  8. imma beat the shit outta that fucking grizzly ass bear watch me run these hands

  9. Open world… then its not prison then is it?

  10. The game resembles a mod for arma 3:exile

  11. "we wanted to make something different" those where the exact famous last words for call of duty XD