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Scratch Tutorials ‘How To Make A Cookie Clicker Game’

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Today, i will be showing you guys how to make a cookie clicker game. This might or may not be posted on scratch to play. I will be doing like 5 parts of this Tutorial. Hope you guys enjoy this cool scratch programming website!


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  1. Can you do anything in the description?
    So just like you all to have packed in the program, so that I or others have to insert only the cookie or other stuff?

  2. theres a problem when i click it it only counts the cookie click once so it says one on the variable the whole time?

  3. im just lookin how 2 make a game XP Im a newbie

  4. How change Variable, 1000 to 1k and 1000000 to 1kk ?

  5. Can You show how to make Upgrades in a Cookieclicker scrtch Game.

  6. It's ok 🙂 anyways , thanks for this 😀

  7. Sorry for the horrible quality 🙁 I got a FREE screen recorder. Anyways, my channel will be better once i got my tools. Please understand though, enjoy!