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Samsung Notebook Odyssey Is the Company’s First Gaming Laptop – IGN News

Samsung is getting into the increasingly crowded world of high-end gaming laptops with its new Samsung Notebook Odyssey. Catch up on the CES 2017 news …


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  1. everyone forgot about the samsung np700

  2. can i play a game? examples: gta5? in high graphics?! please comment down below or reply me thanks for your feedback is important 😉

  3. Remember years ago they had a gaming notebook and like this it also wasn't anything special while being overpriced llol

  4. let me guess it will cost like hell atleast $1200

  5. this is not samsungs first gaming laptop they released the samsung series 7 gaming laptop a long time ago, it had intel i7 and a gt 675

  6. Samsung has already made some gaming laptops before.

  7. 2012 Samsung Series 7 was there first gaming laptop

  8. can't wait for this over prize 5,000 bucks laptop too come out.

  9. This is not their first gaming laptop

  10. This Samsung laptop is going to BLOW everyone away. I'm sure the sales will be EXPLOSIVE!!

  11. 0:10 wtf is that guys in the background doing ?!

  12. Samsung taking explosive performance literally since 2016

  13. Justput a 4k screen in a gaming laptop ffs

  14. And there's already a recall because it explodes.

  15. I don't think IGN ever heard of the G700 gamer series from Samsung an few years back… I'm sure Samsung meant first in a few years.

  16. its worth it read the reviews plus this is by samsung. once its released i can play gta or overwatch with xbox smartglass and warcraft and star carft maybe diablo 3

  17. Samsung Notebook Odyssey Is the Company's First Gaming Laptop………..that explodes

  18. It would be a good gaming laptop, if it wasn't for the touchpad

  19. Get out of here Jonathan, you did so much IGN, let Ryan get the chance. Maybe you can come back often.

  20. the specs like their battery will blow you away.

  21. hmmm price? going to be better than a ps4 pro?

  22. we'll need tb hard drives if we want to play games like black ops 3 with custom zombies

  23. Only downside is that you can only safely play counter strike

  24. at least explosions will not only look big but prettier too XD

  25. Man,that random shark with glasses which swam by was geeky scary!!!