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HUGE FIFA 17 100K AND 125K PACK OPENING!!! Fifa 17 Pack Roulette, where the wheel decides what happens to these insane packs! IS THIS MY BEST/WOSRT PACK LUCK EVER!?!
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  1. ohh yeah flags incoming VOLKAUT argentin RW Not Messi Di maria

  2. Xbox my names truce_be_told_im_dun

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  4. Can I have the flare players my team is terrible

  5. if i get 100 likes i wont whatch porn for a year

  6. Can you find it!

  7. 9:23 imagine that was a no look discard pack

  8. 8:58: David De Gea, Eden Hazard and FUT Birthday Cole all in the same pack.

  9. Half the time the wheel went on a bit and was on the next that he thought

  10. Tradition commercial busy decline piano us congressional

  11. OOMMGG!!????????? LOOK WHO HE GOT AT 12:10!!!

  12. do a squad builder showdown with one of the sdmn

  13. When is the house tour coming out??

  14. For your next video can u do a squad builder showdown on Fifa birthday fernando torres

  15. AJ3 do a career mode and a my player series

  16. It is unfair for if you do not have any social media to enter the competition aj3 because I watch all your vids and when you do give always I can not enter and maybe other people are like me for not having social media please try and do it a different away like comment if you agree please ⚽️⚽️⚽️??

  17. You recording a video 360 degrees vid

  18. when it was a keep pack you discarded it?????!!!!!!!!

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  20. if you are reading this have a good day

  21. This is a disgrace vardy was having a really good party until Andy discarded him

  22. Do a squad builder showdown around Francesco totti because his pace is lower than his age because he is a legend

  23. Put – before and after each word

  24. If I got that pack…… I would refuse to discard it