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RGH Tutorials #2 (How To Mod Games, Installing XEX Menus For GTA 5)

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My Website To Buy Mods:
GTA 5 Menu Used In Video: http://www.mediafire.com/file/agz3bss8j7coxwa/Destruction.rar

GTA 5 Game Torrent: http://x360isos.blogspot.ca/2016/01/gta-v-region-freemulti-5-xbox-360.html

GTA 5 Prologue Tool: https://www.mediafire.com/?fhtkc8e9it3tssf
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  1. Colten i was wondering if i get banned on my rgh what do i do… i hear people mentioning "get a kv" but i dont know what that is

  2. Can you please shut the f**k up and stop hacking

  3. where can i get xbdm.xex xrpc.xex and jrpc.xex?

  4. If I have a game downloaded on my account and I want to mod it on my rgh can I still do it

  5. does it work if you have a jtag???

  6. Colten stop YouTube your just a kid thats loves to scamd pepel so stop YouTube no one thinks your funny and if i hear you scamd one more kid dude i will foking pay you back for all the kids you scamd and dont try to remove this comment >:)

  7. How you get launch ini & how you get the top 3 plugins

  8. Bruh I remember watching you at like 1000 subs when I met you in a bo2 lobby on PS3 with oreomods

  9. can we join your game xbox one?

  10. can i use usb to. move files to my rgh

  11. do i need neighberhood or can i use a usb instead?

  12. Sorry for MATing u so much its nerf

  13. please do a video on how to put a mod menu on b02 for ur rgh using jiggy please

  14. How to do black ops 2 for PS4 please

  15. Hello colten i start to modding and I want to learn can you add me and explain please? My gt is SniperLegendX88

  16. New intro incomming this weekend! 😀

  17. I would love to see the Bo2 tutorial

  18. hi Colten I'm getting a rgh on my b-day p.s I'm artistic and don't answer to this rudely pls

  19. Hey colten, i was wondering if u need a computer with a rgh

  20. colten if you could play with me right now on xbox 360 that would make my day way better my dog just died :(( but if you read this , my gt is zappzzz

  21. Do you know a link to download gta5?