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RESIDENT EVIL 7 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (Intro) – FULL GAME RE7 PS4 Gameplay

RESIDENT EVIL 7 Biohazard FULL GAME Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (Intro Prologue) – FULL GAME RE7 PS4 Gameplay
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  1. Mathchief will pin this as I'm here at 80 views.

  2. Guys Please Checkout my YouTube Channel for The Walking Dead Season 3 Gameplay

  3. hey guys! just started a RE7 walkthrough, come check it out!

  4. what fuck resident evil it is? is totally different. I prefer 4 for ps2 than this.. and of course 5 and 6..

  5. Why is everything horror these days have to be influenced by The walking dead?

  6. I don't think I'm playing this. I mean… Damn! I'm too old for this shit.

  7. it's boring without leon in the game.

  8. If you want the poster of resident evil 7, please check my channel.

  9. how the fuck he open door and especially reload a gun with no left hand?

  10. about this game,,,, can we change setting to make third person gameplay

  11. guys, if you want a good gaming pc, don' t buy it 😉 Buy a ps4 and you will never have lag 😉 (sorry for my bad english)

  12. I love your video you are the best,
    the others youtubeur thinks they are comics or some like that, i hate them, they scream yell laugh , i just want to chill :/

  13. The dinner table part at the end reminded me very much of the original 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Anyone else get that vibe?

  14. i would like ethan character if he just put in his left arm the chainsaw and said groovy!!!

  15. I will end this game not very scary

  16. I really enjoyed playing this on my channel

  17. Mia: "hey baby"
    Ethan: baby? BABY!. I identify myself as a full grown man, and I'll have you know that I graduated as the top of my class. And I have a bachlor's degree in science and engineering, and you identify me as a pre-mature human? I am offended!
    Mia: ….
    Ethan: ….
    Player: ….
    all resident evil characters but chris: …. wow
    Ethan: oh, I mean, hi

  18. finally no idiot commentary.

  19. This scared the living SHIT out of me.

  20. Mia comes across as needy. Leave her to rot and get on with your life Ethan.

  21. I know that Ethan is the main character but WOW! I don't think a real person could survive such carnage.

  22. Wow , i will be waiting for this game next week lol