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Random LoL Moments | Episode 495 (League of Legends)

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► Random LoL Moments | Episode 495 (League of Legends)

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4 Cakey642 https://gfycat.com/SereneHandsomeAmethystgemclam
5 thewire666 https://youtu.be/y5AwQRX59Vw

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  1. ❤ If you enjoyed, remember to LIKE the video because it really helps us out. ❤

  2. yooooo i'm the lucian in the first clip lmao. no joke

  3. The malphite clips got me real good

  4. i don't find the ending​ song some help plz

  5. those malphite plays has to be one of the most tilting things i have ever witnessed. stuff like that can make a grown man cry lol

  6. Does somebody know the name of the first song? 0:15

  7. Report malphite. Fcking scrub.

  8. que dó desse rato vei kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkjjjjjjj

  9. LoL
    That Udyr's name was "God's Penis"

  10. one of the best league video compilations i have ever watched!

  11. Twitch isn't nothing compared to jinx in lane phase

  12. el pene de dios hahaha me mato esa parte :v

  13. Guys, can u help me pls? What's a name of song in the first clip?

  14. como el udir iso eso? :l el pene de Dios xd

  15. does someon know the outro song? ty in advance 🙂

  16. Why didn't the Twitch got a Banshee's Veil?

  17. 404 means not found, whoever made that title is a dumbass

  18. malph is a fckin noob camcer champion

  19. El pene de Dios xDDDDD el udyr

  20. "El pene de Dios"
    Ay Jesus Christ

  21. "God's pennis" is the udyrs nick xD

  22. Love youtube so much, you can express so much, I have a few genres I cover but mostly gaming videos 😀 Come give us a shot and help us achieved 1200+ subs!

  23. I saw Tahm Cruise but in my mind it shall always be Tahm Brady.

  24. OMG that poor twitch, 23 deaths. Props for him for not rage quitting

  25. Please link the outro song !!!