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R2s Gaming Desk (PreOrders December 15th, 2015)

This is the official R2s Gaming Desk preorder video. The R2s Gaming Desk is available for pre-orders. Stay tuned in www.prospecdesigns.eu if you are a respected gamer who is interested in getting yours as soon as possible.

Music : Dubtek – Fanatic (The Abyss RMX)
(Music in video is owned by the creator and prospec|designs has nothing to do with the ownership of this track)



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  1. just ordered one… as soon as i get it i will post an unbox video…. should arrive in 2 weeks

  2. Hey Prospec, i was wondering if you will be making a new gaming desk like these in the future

  3. I've tried visiting your site several times. I'm really interested in these gaming desks but every time I click anything it doesn't work. Are these actually available at all?

  4. When will this be available again, i need a new desk and this is the one i am getting, but it has been "Out of Stock" for ages???

  5. when will the x1s designs start

  6. Can you make model without the built in monitors

  7. hay I am looking and will happily spend between 500$ – 10K

    I live in New Zealand and I really need a good gaming table or desk I have a huge room that would fit about 10 8 foot tables

  8. For dual monitors, what sizes can they be. Cuz I have 2 27 inch monitors will it fit for the lift/hide mechanism

  9. i have 3 benq 24' monitors would those work ?

  10. Which gaming desks have the monitor lift?

  11. When will this be publicly released

  12. +ProSpec Designs I have measured the dimensions of the desk height in meters and its only 27 inches or 69 cm high, dont you think that this is a little short for a gaming desk ? Im thinking of buying but it seems a little short on the height side.? am i wrong

  13. This can deliver in Canada, Alberta?

  14. $200 for shipping to the US, ouch

  15. I'm a American and I love this desk and I want it can I buy it with usd

  16. Is it available for ordering now that it's December 2015?

  17. i am intrested in purchaseing one of these but the caimpaign failed so i can get it at all and try it again its amazing

  18. Pre-order doesn't work for me, help!

  19. Will you be selling this in this color way because the on the website the green looks like YELLO and i dont LIKE Yello

  20. On the website the green desk is lighter then this one in the video. Will you be selling this coulor way in the video?????? pls answer!!!!!!!…!!!!!!…!!!!!!!!1 -_______________-

  21. Are these still going to be made because I REALLY REALLY WANT ONE

  22. when will it be released? I am from Spain, i am waiting aprox. 1 year ago…. and the Website mark "Not in Production Yet" (R2s)

  23. Is this desk ever gonna be made? It's still not in production, but I want the X1s as well. Please!!

  24. When is it going to be available in the USA I have already placed my preorder and I am really excited to buy this desk. Any ideas when it will be out??

  25. Looks sick as f but I can't even imagine how much it is

  26. when will the X1s gaming desk come out

  27. i really need to know does anyone have any idea when

  28. This shit surfaced over a year ago and there is still a waiting list……pretty telling. Apparently the designer said fuck it or gave up and lead all of us a stray. Too bad because I would have bought one for each corner of my house. The specs on the website say it only supports 22" monitors, who in the gaming community uses 22" LCD monitors?

  29. Is there going to be a video for the X1s desk?

  30. When will this be out!!! Can't wait 😀

  31. That first ons will be perfect fort Lan partie's

  32. On your website, it says it can fit 2 22inch monitors, can i even set 2 24inch ????