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PS4 Pro vs $400 Budget Gaming PC 4K (w/ Benchmarks)

Gaming PC vs PS4 Pro with Gameplay Graphics comparison , FPS Benchmarks $400 Budget Gaming PC vs Playstation 4 Pro 2017, Which is the most Powerful …


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  1. team consel take this?? you pc fans

  2. if you want a gaming pc that compares to ps4 pro you're looking at 900 canadian atleast.

  3. It's been known for a long time that PC graphics are far superior than console graphics but I didn't know that if you build a PC right around the same price of a PS4 Pro the PS4 Pro really isn't that much different in graphics it's really not so in all honesty if you truly want to destroy consoles in graphics you're going to have to spend 1000+ dollars and this vid proves it

  4. I prefer pc gaming but… Man that ps4 pro at that price is a bit more value in some cases (when you have absolutely no need for a pc) or when you have never played with mouse and keyboard before, yes those people exist…

  5. I love the freedom of a pc. asswholes in some board room somewhere cant tell me what to do…….

  6. can a 3million dollar ultimate no budget gaming pc run :
    god of war,
    days gone,
    the last of us,
    let it die,
    yakuza 0,
    gravity rush 2,
    until dawn,
    infamous:second son,
    final fantasy 15,
    detroit:become human,
    the last of us 2,
    the last guardian,
    the order 1886,
    persona 5
    and many many more??? i dont care how good pc you build when its only good for cod/battlefield and valve shit like team fortress and cs:go.

  7. I love you so much!!! Thank you for every advice???

  8. I don't get the whole PC Master race thing. Why not have a console that you can buy, sit down next to your TV for the next 7 years and play? Everything is optimized for a PS4 so you don't have to change any settings or get many crashes and it has a cleaner easier look. also you don't have to go out and build it. The whole "I need 60fps" your eyes can adjust calm down. I have a PC and a PS4 and I don't get how people on PC can just say that consoles are trash. they obviously have their place.

  9. remember the ps4 pro uses upscaling not native 4k

  10. Dude this camera and black levels are awesome

  11. Anyone else think that something was actually downloading when he download windows 10?

  12. i just ordered the rx 470. my old gpu was a gtx 660ti.

  13. no hate on pc but bottom line is u guys wish u had console exclusives

  14. Nice Video, watch this PS4 Pro Fanboys. A RX480 8GB Graficcard onley is better than a PS4 Pro.

  15. Also how did you get that MSI H110M Pro-VD for 25$??

  16. too bad you limited the fps. still an amazing video.

  17. this build cost in Czech republic about 700 euros, thats why I bought Xbox one s with bf 1, gears 4 and 3 month gold for 300 euros

  18. Does anyone know how the RX470 configure runs ghost recon wildlands

  19. Obviously PC (graphics wise) will always win. But people don't buy consoles for the graphics per se, but for the high production exclusives.

  20. U forget about the console exclusives and the fact that PCs tend to slow down as time passes

  21. Dude this is overkill why are you comparing at 1050 GTX to a PS4? are you fucking serious a 1050 GTX will crush a PS4.

  22. I guarantee a 960m budget laptop will outperform a PS4

  23. do you think you could play overwatch with this Pc?

  24. The PS4 Pro is a fucking flop. Too many problems on this rushed PoS. Get the $400 PC. or you can wait and see how Scorpio turns out

  25. Hey guys, i was considering to get a budget gaming pc that can run new games such as battlefield, cs:go and overwatch, whilst also oldish games like left 4 dead.

    would you recommend to get the RX 470 or the GTX 1050
    i dont really know which is better of the two and i dont care price-wise

  26. or you can use the wallpaper engine from steam to coverup that activate windows watermark…

    The ps4 pro 1tb bundle as of right now is at $589 USD on Amazon now…

  27. time for building this pc = money.

  28. That RX470 is quiet impressive, I wish they did that card low profile without fans, and just a couple of HDMI ports only.

  29. Hey what is name of the pc case? looks nice

  30. im new to the pc scene, I was wondering if someone could please help me I would be very grateful