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PROJECT WIGHT Trailer (Viking Horror Game – 2017)

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Project Wight is no ordinary RPG. Turning its focus to the person on the other side of your sword, it offers a unique spin on a familiar form, that could only come from a team that do things their own way…

PROJECT WIGHT Trailer (Viking Horror Game – 2017)
Release date : 2017
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  1. In what language do the soldiers speak?

  2. I like how he's talking like he doesn't know what's going to happen next in the game.

  3. monster reminded me vampire from stronghold legends

  4. Hopefully we hear more about this game in the near future!

  5. what kind of f***ed up game is this?

  6. When he killed the first person it looked like dying light

  7. This game looks so badass. I love the concept!

  8. wait, you mean you made an original game? what do you think this is the early 90's! you take your creative ideas and go make a generic shooter asap! & poorly port it to the pc while your at it!

  9. Plot Twist: This is actually a DLC for The Witcher 3 where you play as one of the monsters instead, located in Skellige.

  10. Your voice is so dull, boring, and brainless it makes me hate this game.

  11. Is this coming out 2017 or 2018? Because it says 2017 but I think I saw something that sad 2018.

  12. I hope this game sees the light of day.

  13. So when an adult can do that, gonna be hard to feel sorry for them. There's clearly a reason humans have hunted them down.

  14. Animations look pretty stiff and unnatural. Hope that gets ironed out for the final release. More concerning is how seriously (or rather, not so) the devs are taking their setting. Alt-history or not, the designs of the vikings seen here are disappointingly innacurate; the stuff of operatic theater, nothing more.

    Cool concept. I just wonder how seriously the developers are about paying proper respect to the source material they're drawing from.