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Project Scorpio Xbox Revealed: 7 Reasons You Need a Project Scorpio Xbox One

Project Scorpio is the upcoming 4K-enabled Xbox One, but there’s much more to it than 4K. With the help of the Digital Foundry experts who have seen the console running, we reveal why you need a Project Scorpio in your life. Subscribe to Outside Xbox (http://www.tinyurl.com/SubToOxbox) and Digital Foundry (http://bit.ly/DFSubscribe)

With the new Project Scorpio Xbox it seems Microsoft will gain the technological lead from Sony. The PS4 Pro is an impressive bit of kit, using clever upscaling to achieve its 4K gameplay; Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, meanwhile, uses brute force power to ensure true 4K gameplay, and still has some muscle left over for added graphical prettiness.

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  1. So the Scorpio is basically the Dodge Hellcat of consoles?

  2. meanwhile on the other spectrum i think there are PC's that can run at 8k 60hz xD

  3. "most xbox games are 7 gig max…" how did he get his job? Is this a stranger they pulled off the streets at random? I know more about scorpian (due to my job) than this guy yet he should know more.

  4. I will probably get a Scorpio to go along with my ps4 pro.

  5. of course with every xbox out on the market comes out a NEW FORZA!!!!!!!!!!!! '-'

  6. Will it improve Blighttown FPS in Dark Souls 1? Thats all i care about?

  7. Curious how much it will cost though.

  8. will the scorpio work straight out the box – as in 'switch it on and go'?  or do will you have to play around with a multitude of settings to get the best out of it?

  9. How much is this gonna cost? I am not paying anything over 400……

  10. I don't know what happened… i see the Mike clone… i hear the Mike clone speak and it wasn't until the Forza stuff came into play, i realized it was the real Mike! Never have i seen such maturity and professionalism from Mike – just another reason to love him. Go team Mike!

  11. Still absolutely no reason to get one. The only thing consoles are good for are exclusives, and pretty much any game on Xbox is also on PC, so I'll just stick with my PC and PS4.

  12. Just an open technical question; in the middle of the video they discuss the relation of model quality to the distance at which it's rendered, and they're talking about this like it's a new innovation in gaming. Am I mistaken or has this been a commonplace practice in game engine rendering for quite some time now, with examples on all platforms?

  13. I am absolutely in love with my ps4 but I am also a CONSOLE lover. So I really wish xbox scorpio will live upto the hype and maybe I will buy 1 for myself.

  14. This is great for consoles advancing more. I dont need it though my pc still beats both consoles combined. Il save my money instead for VR if it picks up in the next few years.

  15. This guy is very wrong about his PC/360 facts. Still cool though.

  16. looks like the pc virgins already arrived

  17. For some reason cortana turns on every time they mention xbox this is annoying xD

  18. its going to be a 'game changer'… eheheheh

  19. if you really think the scorpio will run games at native 4k 60fps or 30fps then you really are a dumb ass fan boy

  20. my 4k samsung tv needs it sooo bad :3

  21. What about Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on Xbox One?

  22. wow that's awsome. Microsoft is finally making a console worth challenging,good for them!

  23. Plot twist, phill spencer cancels xbox scorpio cause the games will still run on xbox one s

  24. When are they going to tell us the Damn name of the thing. It isn't cooler calling this thing a project okay. I'm still in uni and I've had enough of projects. Just tell is what you are calling it already. PLEASE.

    Good video, nice presentation.

  25. Honestly, The Scorpio should've been a next generation system. Having to be compatible with the regular Xbone is just going to hold it back.

  26. They might have finally convinced me to buy one day an Xbox

  27. I don't care that it's the most powerful console that allegedly runs 4K/60. That's all bombast and rhetoric. Completely valueless without compelling AAA titles. (So far, all I've heard is 4K, 4K, Forza, and how good old games will look.) I'll care when I see the games/exclusives, and the price. A 4K/60 version of cuphead won't compel me.

  28. I don't understand why people get mad when somone buys a console they personally dislike. Its childish and knowing that most of this community is like that kinda sucks. Xbox Scorpio is obviously the most superior console hands down coming from a PlayStation owner. Get over yourselves and pick the console/PC you like and get on with your day instead of wasting your time harassing people about what gaming system they like/prefer.

  29. Y'all are almost at 2 million subs! :DDDDD

    Anyways, my thoughts on the Scorpio are as follows. First, it looks really good for a new xbox console. It isn't as big as, say a custom built pc, but it's still good. I can't compare anything graphics wise to the PS4 Pro. I don't remember the price either but if it all comes down to it, getting the Scorpio is a maybe at most.

  30. Well, Sony still wins on account of exclusive games. Really Uncharted, God of War & TLOU is much better than GOW or Halo…
    And Horizon Zero Dawn, the most recent exclusive was AMAZING. One of the best I've played ever. I'm still on the Horizon.

  31. GAMES READ OFF THE RAM?!?!?! MS is back.

  32. Please add Original Xbox game support!

  33. Too bad I'm not rich and have the money to just throw at the screen