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Pokemon Brick Bronze -Captain Does PvP w/ Subs – Roblox

Hey guys thanks for joining me for this stream 😀 Hope you enjoy the stream, we will be battling with you guys in 2v2’s.

If you are feeling generous here is a link to support yours truly, you’ll be loved and appreciated


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  1. I love your battling vids but may u do some give always like if u agree

  2. My favorite poke is also eevee it's cute

  3. Hey can I have a Good Charizard plz I just if you wanna know I subbed
    Edit: if I'm on and you wanna give me one join me if you can I'll be in Brick Bronze the just
    Trade me it it would mean the world to me
    Username: Djfatray

  4. hi captain crush
    Congratulations with 12k subs
    but did you trained your togekiss at speed and sp attack?

  5. Captain pleas ebattle me i. a sub my username is juliant1901

  6. I Never Miss A Video but I did miss a stream >:O

  7. captain can you tell me good Pokémon to pvp I'm not really good a time pvp

  8. captain_crush what team were you using can you tell me the ev,nature,move set,and ability I wanna make that team please tell me

  9. Hopefully no one saw me in the video…

  10. I bet domino will be able to defeat you