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PLAYSTATION 4 PRO Games Gameplay 4K GRAPHICS Showcase (PS4 Pro)

PS4 PRO Gameplay GRAPHICS Games New Spiderman PS4, Watch Dog 2, Mass Effect Andromeda, For Honor, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Horizon Zero Dawn, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Days Gone & More

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  1. The guy sounds like he have been working as a saftey instructor on a airplane xD

  2. You can only see the difference when you have one in your home, absolutely stunning visuals

  3. Xbox one s, is still my number one choice

  4. fk that, ps4 is boring as much that guy voice hhhhhhh xD

  5. we need this guy in audio books

  6. 4k is whey you have any titan x z and gtx 1080 or 1070 if you connect on suhd tv or Oled tv.

  7. PS4 PRO has better graphic a touch smoother, but is it worth is? Absoloutly not so far. U cant even watch 4k from it. Only on crappy netflix or pay large sub just to join amazon. I use kick arse torrent and use usb flash and play it straight from 4ktv. I can say there a carbon copy of UHD disc except no hdr. Ps4 PROi s really a con. U struggle to see the difference. Yeah I notice colours are brighter graphics a little more crisp.- but not enough no fucking way. I hope it improves because this is not 4k gaming. Do u remember the 16bit sega megadrive had that atatchment that slotted in 32 x. Well PS4 PRO is like that.

  8. Hi did you use a capture card ?

  9. That dude learned his script like a pro…I bet ya he deosn't even know what "cost" means……

  10. All these whiny bitches crying because they ain't got that 4K HDR tv in the living rooms? the PS4 pro kicks ass and especially now since they released boost mode.

  11. I own a GTX 1080 GLH, an Asus z270F MB plus a i7700k and I can't handle 4k at 60 FPS, it's between 45-50 fps most of the time that's why I play them most new games @ 2k. I did pay over 2000 for that shit.
    I really don't think a ps4 Pro can even handle 1440p at 60 fps unfortunatly, because I would gladly go back and play some console games, I did really enjoy them back in the days, plus ps has nice exclusives.

  12. I've got a huge 4K curved screen TV and I have the Xbox One S with the inbuilt 4K bluray player and it looks fantastic. If the PS4 pro can do the same for games, I'll get it. I had a PS4 and I sold it.

  13. he makes me want to go to sleep

  14. 1440p? 4k? dejen de venderle la moto ala gente, con vuestro marketing penoso los juegos no correran en 4k nativo solo van a acer una reescala grafica de los videojuegos. Sony fake!

  15. No thanks.. I'm happy with my Ps4 slim

  16. What's the game in 9:32 ? pls reply looks awesome.

  17. What is the warrior fighting game he was playing help please?

  18. 15:42 WTF HER HANDS MAN ???!!!?§?§?§??§?§§?!,!!,!,!,!!,!,!,

  19. OMG! No more… He needs to shut up….

  20. At least Xbox employees are entertaining… PS employees are so dull and boring… It's torture…

  21. I'm quite shocked by how many people got pulled into Sony's shit. They think this has a damn GTX 1080, but by opening it you can see it's the equivalent of a GTX 780 Ti. Sony is using the fact you don't know true 4K to sell you shit and you fall for this upscaled bullshit? A console never was able to and will never be able to run 4K, except for the NVIDIA Shield but that's different as it streams games.

  22. I'm a 1080 gtx Pc player and all u other pc players should be ashamed of yourself making fun of a console.

  23. after watching Breath of the Wild new trailer. this presentation is BORE .. ALL OF IT!

  24. After talk of this guy , playstation 4 pro goes to bye bye!
    who needs ps 4 pro when it comes Xbox Scorpio lol….

  25. Crysis on PC had HDR back in 2007….nice try

  26. Sony and Microsoft does upscaling like no other!

  27. i need a tank of coffee to be able to watch this guy talk

  28. Mark Cerny is an bonified genius, but he is channeling some serious Bob Ross (the painter) in this press conference. The hype level was turned on minus 10 throughout this presentation. Now having said that, if you're planing on getting an 4Ktv with HDR 10, then getting an PS4 Pro is an must (IMO).

  29. Oh man do I feel bad for you console guys. Gaming native in 4k is crazy

  30. "Here bringing us closer to Lara Croft's unique combination and bomb ass titties"

  31. I have won PS 4 PRo while completing a survey

  32. i thought ps4 pro and xbox one s dont play games in 4k only stream videos in 4k?