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PewDiePie Gaming PC Giveaway: Details & More!

You asked and we listened. The @pewdiepie gaming pc giveaway is now global!! Enter to for a chance to win at http://www.maingear.com/giveaway About …


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  1. You asked, and we listen. The PewdiePie PC Giveaway is now Global!!!! Enter for a chance to win at http://www.maingear.com/giveaway

  2. normally when people say global they only think of the US and UK , and what about us Latinos? do we actually count in this giveaway? because am from Dominican Republic and I would like to win but even if I don't win I would like to know that at least you considered our country.
    p.s if I wrote anything wrong please correct me ?

  3. Came across y'all from Pewdiepie's video which caused me to go to your website. I am very happy with what I saw, so even if I don't win the giveaway I will definitely save up to buy your products when I get moved in the next few months. CX Well I at least got a new favorite computer company heh. Anyways have a good one 😀

  4. Damn I applied so hard so many times. No Canadian winners? Aw man. I'm buying the gear for a home podcasting studio to be up and running in mid-April I would promote you guys every second word I spoke!

  5. If you were to buy this beast of a PC, how much would it cost?

  6. JUST SUBSCRIBE TO #MAINGEAR @MAINGEAR bcuz of this huge Giveaway Thanks 😀

  7. i love MAINGEAR but i have not money for bay a gaming pc

  8. i love MAINGER but i have not money for bay a gaming pc

  9. All the little ball baby bitches on here is disgusting! "Why is it only available in America, Its not fair, Pewds isn't even from America. IT WAS BECAUSE THE COMPANY IS IN AMERICA YOU FUCKTARDS! Shipping computers and electronics ISN'T as easy as just throwing it into a box and sending it out. ESPECIALLY internationally. Throwing fits like a bunch of baby bitches until y'all get your spoiled rotten little way like toddlers. Smh…

  10. Never saw this much frank, happy, friendly CEO like Wallace Santos.
    Watched this whole stream again and again about 7-8 times.
    Forgot to mention about Ron he is awesome too.?

  11. I want to slap the shit out chubs for being on his phone….

  12. Excited for the giveaway. Good luck to everyone!

  13. Just entered and I would love to win this epic gaming pc???⌚️????????

  14. My change of winning this giveaway 1%/9999999999999%

  15. Can I still winning if I am from Mexico?

  16. oh man, my chance of winning is at 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000008% :'(
    i wanna win so bad.
    hope they ship to Philippines.

  17. the possibility of winning this is… hahahahaha… not gonna happen. but congrats to the lucky winner ?