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Outlast 2 Gameplay 2016

Outlast 2 Gameplay Demo

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  1. I just had to watch this at 11 pm

  2. so the piont of the game is run around with a waterproof camera and be a pussy the entire time cool time to pre order

  3. It's like children of corn only night time and without kids

  4. I Have Never Played the First Outlast Game But This Outlast 2 Looks Absolutely FUCKIN Terrifying the Crow Scared The Shit Out of Me I Wasn't Expecting That.

  5. The camera battery run out like my life in the hood

  6. este juego esta genial es para playa 4 o 360?

  7. Outlast is a horror-ific masterpiece. I think its the only game that made me hesitant. Can't wait to play this one.

  8. this was recorded in east London?

  9. why would you knock after you see a dead body?

  10. Those fucking searchlights don't search a man!

  11. Outlast 1 is too overrated… they just made another OR one. Just a PewDie material.

  12. I really hate hearing scream of a lady and there is no lady whatsoever.
    Every horror movie makers must think about it solely.
    Okay? If you put in a scream of a lady, then put in a lady-thing.

  13. And he goes into a house and stole a battery! Fucking JRPG!!!

  14. Ahahaha this idiooooooot uses video camera instead of his aiz! Epic!

  15. I mean… Outlast is actually a really good horror game… but, it kinda pisses me off that you don't fight. Yeah, you have to be clever, and hide, and wait. But I really like combat.

  16. which is better
    dying light or this one?

  17. hey guys!! I have just found that outlast 2 will be released in April 25, 2017!! for PC, Xbox 360 And PS3… Red Barrels announced it on 6th march.

  18. these motherfuckers are hillbillies ?

  19. That Witcher 3 scared me on the end. XD

  20. une belle copie de résident evil 7

  21. It must be the same man who voiced Miles, he makes the same groaning noises haha.

  22. stop hiding in the comments kids! be some real men and Fucking go back up there ?

  23. Damn! Reminds me of how I ran away into the jungle while being chased by people during my Ayahuasca ceremony.

  24. this game has great soundtrack

  25. 0:22 swearing. That's it, I'm not playing this game.

  26. This game will be awesome but tbh I'm a bit unhappy with the setting. In the Asylum was literally no way out, you had no choice but to follow the game. I wished they would have used something you can't escape from easily

  27. this will be soooo much better then resident evil.

  28. oh my God, try again outlast and try again scare.

  29. This would be cool with VR headset. Sign me up!

  30. Hoffentlich wirds nicht so scheiße wie der Erste Teil dann gebe ich dem vielleicht sogar ne Chance

  31. This shit so scary lmao what the fuck