New Park type game mode is about to DROP!! NBA 2K17 KILLER?!
Full Trailer: https://goo.gl/O6wAFk
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  1. You're crazy if you're not hyped to see a new game in the NBA arcade niche. LIT.

  2. This Shit Look Gay Af. Doesn't Even Deserve To Be Even Called An NBA Street Rip Off…. If 3on3 Freestyle Had NBA Players It'd Be 5x Better

  3. lmao that game trash as fuck yo lol. I'm not spending my money on that tom and jerry looking ass shit lolol. I'll play NBA Live before I play that lol

  4. this game is straight bum cheeks

  5. This actually looks litt as fuck

  6. I find it funny all the 2K people came out of nowhere bashing the game when its not even out yet. Niggas got mad hype when they saw the trailer for 2K17 and when the game came out look where its at now a game that wasn't ready to be released.

  7. LaVar Ball says 2k doesn't lag for him

  8. stop lying to yourself bro this shit trash lmao

  9. This is basically a more modern NBA Jam. If you're looking for anything realistic, you're in the wrong place.

  10. Yall are crazy if you think 2K is going to change anything. You don't believe me? Let me tell you why they won't and the only way(s) we can change that.

    They aren't going to change anything because:
    They are STILL making money. People constantly buy their game every year, they spend loads of money on VC and this year they exploited that. They found a new way to frustrate us and that is with the archetypes. When we found out the best players to use and we created them, what did 2K then do? They patched them so that we'd have no choice but to get more VC and create a new player with a different archetype. They continued to do this over and over and over. This is just how that company operates. It's always been only about money, not about consumer satisfaction because they know they have the only basketball game out there. They will NEVER change anything to make the game better because in all honestly, they don't have to. That is, unless we force them to. How do we do that? Well let's get into that.

    The only ways we can get 2K to change:
    We have options people, but we have to stay committed and see it through. The best way would be for us ALL to not buy NBA 2K18 next year and hit them where it hurts. They would have no choice but to make major changes if they wanted to remain in business because a flop like that would SEVERELY hurt them. I don't know the amount of money that goes into making a game like NBA 2K, but it has to be a lot. If they lost a lot of money on that project, that would give them only one option which is to re-evaluate everything and low and behold, we'd have changes.

    I personally will not get NBA 2K18. I've been fed up for years but like the rest of you, I still purchased the game which is what they want us to do. There are plenty of other games coming out like Red Dead Redemption 2, so as much as I want to play 2K18, I'm not. I will not give them another dime until I have seen it for my own 2 eyes that they have corrected all of their mistakes and made a game that isn't just to make money off of us. I hope the rest of you join me.

  11. maaaan they making all these dam basketball games for 12 yr olds now..2k included..wish they would STOP DUMBIN THESE GAMES DOWN!

  12. hopefully this free or has a beta

  13. I thought it was going to be a new game mode like house rules park after dark etc they should add like 1v1v1v1v1v1s 2v2v2s 3v3v3v3s 4v4v4v4s etc into new parks they should make it in different places like Egypt new floors and balls etc their should be a custom nba court so I could go onto my computer put pictures different colors and be able to put it on ps4 or do it on ps4 custom clothing belts jewelry etc and more of our ideas and it'll be litty again and they could put power ups etc on the floor for different game modes