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NEW GAME MODE?! – Champion With Another Spells | League of Legends

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New Insane Game Mode Coming?!

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Outro: asdfmovie song by Lil Deuce Deuce

Enjoy this video with awesome funny/lucky and various moments. You can also find on my channel compilation or montages from League of legends


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  1. 2:27 I hit like right at this moment

  2. A mode with shuffled abilities would be pretty hilarious.

  3. New game mode huh? Guess I'll play Dota ability draft

  4. q: malphite r – w:blitzcrank e – e:thresh e – r: yasuo ulti

  5. i'm form viet nam and i'm so sorry that it's fake it's one of the prank for April Fool's Day that made by fan sorry

  6. q=master yi w=master yi e=master yi r=master yi =one shot xD

  7. Q = yi
    W = vlad
    E = Fizz
    R = xayah

  8. cái đầu là của vn đúng ko 😐

  9. Cái này chơi rất hay đó nha người nước ngoài ….hế lô

  10. the blue buff has the mini golems..?

  11. this is a april fool joke in vietnam server

  12. old galio and old evelyn in 0:15 do u see that (APRIL FOOLS)

  13. this is vietnamese lol fool in april

  14. e:fizz r:soraka q:vayne w:leblanc

  15. So I see we're just totally ripping off DOTA2?

  16. Master yi ult on jhin, runs around and one shot people, dash on diraus, get mordkaiser ult on five people and it's five dragons, get Dasie on five people and that is five ivern ult, five fiddles sticks ult on tanks and give then ezral dashs and riven dashs and a drain

  17. This game mod. is from Vietnam for apirl fool

  18. Có 1 điều tiết nuối đó là garena troll.

  19. Sever Việt nam làm điên đảo các game thủ trên thế giới

  20. q- malphite r
    w-yasuo r
    e- ekko r
    r – talon r