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NBA 2K17 TOP 10 Most Disrespectful Dunks, Ankle Breakers & Trick Shots

NBA 2K17 Top 10 Highlights. Dunks, Putbacks, Ankle Breakers, & Trick Shots.

To Send In A Clip For The Top 10 Plays:
Email: [email protected]

If you don’t have a capture card:
PS4 Users: Use Share Factory & Upload to YouTube “Unlisted”
XB1 Users: Get the YouTube App & Upload to YouTube “Unlisted”

To Submit your clip on YouTube:
1. Upload an HD clip Unlisted (instead of Public or Private)
2. Title it “(Your Name) for ShakeDown2012’s Top 10” ex: “Tim for ShakeDown2012…” Specify Top 10 Dunks, Blocks, Crossovers etc.
3. You can submit more than one HD clip
4. Remove the Circle by Holding LB & RB (L1 or R1) in instant replay
5. Send the Clip to [email protected]

TIP: Play it in Regular Motion.
TIP: Show at least 3 angles.
TIP: PS4, XB1 or PC only.
TIP: No cell phone or camera captured footage.
TIP: No Montages Please. Separate your clips.


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  1. I shot a full court shot and air balled and carmelo windmill dunked it

  2. When u ankle some one but u miss the shot

  3. 5:01, Derrick rose getting injured again

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  5. crysta winn bradley8214 is my username

  6. At 5:10 how do you put that at the top right

  7. KD is way better play 1 on 1 with lebron James and watch KD put dim nuts in your face laterally if u knew any thing about KD you would know but your so dumb u don't know your ass from your face

  8. So nobody realize the #7 video his man had 31 assists ?

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  10. Why he look like a lighskin version of Jay-Z?

  11. did contestant #6 really have a F teammate grade!?!?!

  12. need some people to level up wit on 2k for Ps4:tharockstar10

  13. holy shit, Davin burns had 31 assists

  14. who will the championship this year,let me know right now.

  15. WTF is this shit?  A fucking video game you overgrown bastard .  fuck you say something in the title

  16. "guess more than one gay guys on that team" lol shake

  17. You low-key look like lil bibby

  18. Number 4 is the best in my opinion

  19. ░H░e░y░ ░G░u░y░s░,░H░A░C░K░ ░1░0░0░%░ ░F░R░E░E░ ░V░C░ ░H░E░R░E░!░!░
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  20. The video start in 2:02

    you're welcome

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  26. No offense but ShakeDown… You are being really greedy with you clips. What if somebody has an amazing play and they don't have the right footage. Some people may not have that stuff…