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NBA 2K17 Play Now 4K – Russell Westbrook Posters! Thunder PS4 Pro

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4:54 Zeller posterized
5:23 Spin move to poster


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  1. Does anyone know what camera angle He Uses?

  2. I liked when the thing said splash for a couple of times.

  3. Going against your my career 2k 17 team.

  4. oh and isaih is little but he got trees tho

  5. guys im getting nba2k17 today and i want yo to recomend me what position i be plz

  6. Hahahahaha funny as hell bro, nice as hell too lol

  7. Use the BUCKS with Malcom Brogdon


  9. Minnesota Timberwolves please chris

  10. Spla Spl Spl Spl splaaaaaaaaaashhhh

  11. Can you use the Grizzlies smoove?