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NBA 2k17 MyTEAM – The GOAT! Diamond Michael Jordan Debut! Insane Posterizer + Perfect Contested Shot

NBA 2K17 My Team gameplay greatest of all time diamond Michael Jordan is breaking Ankles!
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  1. Gento what camera angle do you use?

  2. What are your dribble moves in my career to break ankles???

  3. When you said rose it sounded like dose

  4. Gently can you please do more my player videos

  5. Without a doubt my favorite series on youtube

  6. Gento forreal i love your vids but change the jerseys, black jerseys at home are kinda trash

  7. Watching this as in pain alone In my house cus my toe bleeding like hell and broken from a step

  8. play mlb the show 17 for once you will like it they have cut scenes

  9. make another my career video they are dope my team needs work but they get up there

  10. Start Oscar or John Stockton instead of rose because he has been on the team for too long

  11. Melo should not start anymore he has been so bad ever since you got him……. start another SF because we all are tired of seeing that Melo card he trash

  12. what is gento's outro song? does anyone know?

  13. Diamond oscar Robertson has 3202 total stats, where PD Kobe has 3203

  14. Gento can you please do some more mycareer

  15. The video is not working for me it's loading

  16. and he offballed with yao , i hate ppl who do that

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  18. he should say ladies and gentoman