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NBA 2k17 MyTeam – Diamond Seed Opponent! New 98 OVR Westbrook + Ankle Breaker on Diamond Player!

NBA 2K17 My Team gameplay crazy diamond seed opponent! Sick ankle breaker + we go for the new 98 ovr diamond Westbrook!
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  1. Thank you guys so much for all the love and support #YMDwolfpack #800k

  2. It's to deadly everybody like where he can see this your a great youtuber I love your my career videos can you send me a friend request on PS4 kaidenbarnes11

  3. G U Y S !! F R E E V C H E R E !!
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  4. man gento you the best youtuber out of them all

  5. Why won't 2K make a Pink Diamond LeBron James. Like why they make a 99 D-Wade and no 99 LeBron.THAT WOULD BE AN AMAZING DUO!!!!!!!

  6. i love ya man keep the vids going. i just don't like westbrook but thats just my opinion

  7. Any one notice that this nigga ugly ?

  8. I'm actually so happy I'm buying 100k mt and I'm making a ruby amethyst and sapphire team u guys may think its shit but it loosk overpowered

  9. Haven't watch you in a while and I randomly kept saying your intro to myself.????

  10. Who wants to play 2k right now. My team is trash. I'm on Xbox one

  11. Playing against a diamond seed player abd winning isn't impressive… when you face people who are in the pink diamond league and have prestiged 3 times and all they do is play 5-out offense you are gonna get fucked

  12. Can you use a different song mix in your videos
    The same music is getting annoying

  13. Get diamond Marc gasol instead of Yao gasol is budget beast and better then Yao in my opinion

  14. Been rockin' with u since april 2014 bruh

  15. I opened 2 league packs and got gold kristaps and emerald Wiggins

  16. Very nice video man and congratz  you put in a lot of work

  17. Aye bro can you do some more my park

  18. Where do you get your beats from, especially the female voiced ankle breaker one?

  19. get 98 westbrook…….he was Kinda the soul of da team?

  20. I pulled a diamond Marc gasol in a single on my first try throwback packs

  21. Play more my career please like so he can see