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NBA 2k17 MyTeam 99 OVR Pink Diamond Dwyane Wade + Stockton! Ankle Breaker + Perfect Buzzer Beater!

NBA 2K17 My Team gameplay 99 OVR Pink Diamond Wade and John Stockton are insane together!
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  2. Gento why u keep saying John stockman last name wrong

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  21. "KD wide open in the corner like a prostitute" ??

  22. i'm sleeeep "wide open in the corner like a prostitute"?

  23. can you show me on your control to break somebody ankle

  24. Favorite channel! Keep up the grind make these kids stop sleepin get that 1mil then the grind continues ???

  25. you look stupid on that Thumbnail Gento

  26. He literally had 14 points With Dwayne wade but only showed us ☝️highlight ?????

  27. gento how come u do face cam on my team but not my career

  28. its nice to see westbrook and jordan playing in one team

  29. Can you get 98overall Russell Westbrook please

  30. because of stockton he will not get the 98 moments westbrook ive been waiting for that westbrook

  31. Yo Gento, I hope this youtube revenue issue doesn't affect you too much bro. I hope you'll be fine.

  32. Does anyone else wanna see gento play with a emerald, sapphire and ruby squad