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NBA 2k17 My Career – 3 Point Contest Ep.15

We continue the all star weekend!

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  2. KD had that Lil B cooking curse!????

  3. How the court go from New Orleans last video to Toronto tho.

  4. Are you playing this on a console or PC? If you are on a console, how are you recording the audio from the game? Are you using an elgato or something?

    Also great video dude! I liked and subbed to you!

  5. if you watch the three point contest they do bad but if you skip they can get perfect

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  13. Your player looks like he has Down syndrome

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  15. Ep 16 is gonna be in late August bettt

  16. Ep 16 is gonna be in late August bettt

  17. i be watching your videos at school every day

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  20. I like all of these NBA videos. Even if they were real life but i think that I like the NBA 2k17 ones better

  21. Hey I was wondering if anybody wanted to game share NBA 2k17 with me please my kick is NolanFlom

  22. Dirk made three money balls the last time and they didnt count it

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