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  2. I got 6'10 athletic he is good they get all comtoc dunks and they could snag

  3. My slasher has a 82 vertical no boost

  4. I had that build since 2k came out

  5. TBH agholor is under rated af he's 2x better than hankydasellout and only has 10k subs I can understand cuz of his quality but still

  6. Teleinfrastruktur u The last time tho Im Daviss is trash and losing subs on him Agholor

  7. thanks fir the build man good vid

  8. Yo bro Keep grinding my dude like your going step my step bro Love u no homo! Btw who created your intro

  9. Do you have all contact dunks or just big men contact dunks

  10. My friend has one and he makes stupid layups and snags and sets screens it's insane

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  21. Yes! I found a super quick way to get tons of VC guys! its shared on here

  22. You said 5k and 500 on the screen

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  28. hey I almost beat u at stage ur nice had 15 on my friend he was crying