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NBA 2K17 4K My Career – Heartbreaking Game Winner! PS4 Pro

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5:20 That’s a murder!


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  1. Awesome video man! Check my page out! I'm a 96 slasher with 39 badges and I stream daily!

  2. Im New To 2k what player should i make?

  3. is it me or after chris dunked over dj he touched his butt

  4. CP3 got dropped because he was distracted by his eye

  5. You da man Smooove❤️ Can u do tutorial on all your deadly crossover moves?

  6. how do you call an allioop?
    how do you call a screen?

  7. Dude Chris Smoove is so lit. Everyone says that Pewdiepie is so great but Chris is so much better.
    Chris Smoove all the way.

  8. You available? We should hangout sometime.

  9. Subscribe to my YouTube for 2k vids