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NARCOSIS Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME – No Commentary (PC Horror)

NARCOSIS Walkthrough Part 1 This is Narcosis Walkthrough Gameplay that covers the FULL GAME of Narcosis with No Commentary.

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Review (In Progress)
Narcosis is an entertaining horror game with minor faults that hold back its full potential.

The Pros
– A very well done atmosphere. This game is at its absolute zenith when it’s just you and the cold abyss of the ocean to keep you company. Narcosis does isolation extremely well. Wandering around the ocean with nothing but the glow of suits light is genuinely empty feeling (in a good way).
– Solid atmosphere that manages to keep the tone of isolation prevalent throughout the entire game.
– Pleasant visuals for the environments. Again, this game is at its best when it’s just you exploring the emptiness of being stuck under the thrashing waves of the sea. The environments while doing this exploring are very well crafted and a personal highlight for me.
– Some of the puzzles are well done and require you to scan the environment for clues while still having to manage your oxygen supplies.
– Well done story. While not overly complex, I found Narcosis to have a very well executed narrative. You’re really thrown for a loop by this game’s narrative.
– Enemies are a bit lacking. Personally, never thought the giant crabs were all that terrifying. Horror definitely comes from the atmosphere and story over.
– Plot was a bit predictable. I don’t think this point hampered the overall quality of the main storyline too much. I just personally found the story a bit predictable in some areas.
– Not much re-playability.
– AI sometimes doesn’t act correctly in some areas.
Overall ★★★½


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  1. So… subnautica but a bit scarier…

  2. virgil dies at the end.. when he was walking with the ghost or a symbol of death, from behind there were red flowers in the ground. red flowers also represents courage and desire, as that is what virgil has, which made him survive all the way until kip got the last pod. he thought he still has hope at first, but he is stuck, and as you can see while they were walking, a group of dead stems showed at the ground which means virgil gives up and starts to accept his death while walking into the darkness, as the ghost tries to make him feel better while they were walking. as they also walk, virgil could also end up as the ghost/death since dirt was gradually growing on his helmet. wow this was sad

  3. I wish it could explain things more. Why were they hallucinating? Who was the ghost diver in the old school suit? A stupid theory but maybe they mixed a drug in with the oxygen? It wouldn't make sense for a game to be called narcosis and have nothing to do with drugs.

  4. why is there only one escape pod for 19 people? that doesn't make sense

  5. why is there only one escape pod for 19 people? that doesn't make sense

  6. So we just follow the strange ghost diver out into the sea floor ,until we slowly died from lack of air. Man that a fuck up way to go man, I would have just stab myself in the heart, and be done with it no way I let myself suffer like this poor guy.

  7. underwater walking simulator 2017

  8. The guy talking sounds like tom hanks

  9. i skipped over the game. looks extremely boring

  10. the guy narrating is KingSpook on YouTube. I thought his voice was familiar. he reads creepypasta

  11. So you were playing as virgil the whole time??!! Wtf

  12. This is a walking simulator, I am not going to buy this crap.

  13. I couldn't read the achievement at 2:04:27 because your "tag" was in the way. Maybe it's not something that matters, but I'm the kind who has to know everything, read everything, see everything in a game.

  14. that ending got my mind blown what a cool game

  15. I got to admit, the crab spider was way too big for it's size, and what made it even more scary was that room full of blood and seeing all these massive cuttle fish that were way too big than the ones existing now. I don't know about you guys, but these sea creatures have gone mutant, normally a cuttle fish would attack human beings unless necessary, these gigantic cuttle fish on the other hand attack you at first sight.

  16. the jumps scares didn't scare me but the narrators did

  17. Who is the ghost that you are following in the end and has been helping you? or is that technically yourself? Why would the other ghosts try to kill you if they are fellow dead divers or are they just a trick of the mind from all that methane/being dead highjinx? o _o

  18. Want to know a way to conserve oxygen?

    Don't breathe!

  19. tbh this game is completely boring to me n its not even scary at all not even the story can help out much

  20. People jumpscare is normal,
    psychological horror is more scary,
    The game is boring yeah but use your imagination and fear,
    what happen if virgil was you?
    you have go through the ordeal to reach your only way out of that place only to be know that you only late for like a few min
    which left you such a high hope that suddenly die… making a calm person gone insane dying alone…

  21. Hey, nice work. Little tip : add the subtitles for the non-english speaker like me pls :p

  22. What has me most interested in the game is that it's not built to be just a normal, typical horror game filled with jumpscares and such. It's mostly surrounded with psychological games, and somehow you have to put yourself in the shoes of the current character you're playing, Virgile, feeling as somehow all the death around you is somewhat on your shoulders for the sole reason that you could've played your cards differently and everything would've been fine. In a sense, it's overwhelming once you're in his shoes, and that's why he has hallucinations of others deaths, that just feels like it's his fault for not saving him. The end, though, is what got to me most. The fact that the one who got out wouldn't even try to retrieve the corpses as an honorable action, to put them to sleep and to bring them to their families, that's somewhat horrifying, the point that "It's time to move on", that was simply selfish, and if I were in Virgile's place, I'd be terrified to know that my only hope of escaping the abyss was a man who only thought about himself.

  23. hrmm it is kind of boring, I say as I draw and have this running on my phone with earphones on. if it was something it'd literally tear me away from my tasks xD

  24. why call this a part 1 if its the full game?

  25. No offense, but this guy kinda sucks at walkthroughs, doesn't even barely look at any of the creatures…