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  1. I'm playing Destiny 2 on PC & PS4. Don't worry lol.

  2. Nice can you send me one….


  3. I really need this pc my pc now can only get 60 fps on minecraft and I don't record, and I cant even run unturned at 20 fps.

  4. good pc build, plenty of room to upgrade. i am doing a similar one! Its a Destiny 2 rig, just waiting on my rig. Maybe we can play some if you down.

  5. Kruzer I would love that crispy friend request

  6. I recently bought parts for a pc specifically for gaming. No editing no other crazy multitasking just gaming I bought a geforce gtx 1060 6bg graphics card. Wondering if theres a difference when it comes to getting the i5 vs. the i7 processor.

  7. I also have a liquid cooling pc. pretty cool.

  8. I don't have $2,000 on hand to buy an overpriced pc…

  9. have Dr lupo teach u how to play destiny on pc

  10. LETS MAKE A BET! I bet you $50 that you WILL enjoy my content. RULES ARE if you do, then you sub but if YOU DONT, i will pay up!

  11. Z270 with a 7700 non k processor – waste of money

  12. Lol u think I'm gonna buy a 1300 dollar computer? lol

  13. If only I knew what all this means…

  14. I got one really recently, but it was budget and I am slightly worried my GTX 1050 2GB might not be able to handle it hugely well

  15. I'm really hyped for Destiny 2, I can't even put it in words,Kruzer! But it's kind of a let down that this game is coming to PC ( I play Destiny on PS4 and Overwatch on PC). The PC is going to be preferred by Bungie in a big way , the possible competitive aspects of the game that we've been asking for since 3 years are also going to be on PC and this is going ruin the console players experience . I also like to remember all those toxic PC player's(not all of course) , who said console and Destiny is shit . And we were defending Bungie from that (even tho the game was bad). Let's not forget all the toxicity from the PC player's (again not all) who are going to say things like Destiny 2 is better on PC and this usual stupid unnecessary shit.

  16. What's up guys my name is Paul but you guys can call me Kruzer 🙂

  17. the pc looks amazing. too bad i cant geg it cinc3 im a kid

  18. Ahahahhahaha, let's put an i7-7700 with a 1060 lmaooooooo. This is why pre built builds screw you, folks. Graphics cards are the most expensive part and of course they're going to skimp on it. Do some research and build your own! Saves money and teaches you skills along the way

  19. nKruz my guy could u upload some h1?

  20. I see the intro song in the description but not the outro. What's the outro song?

  21. You can save a lot more money if you just build a PC

  22. on my dual 1080ti build I can get destiny 2 on pc at 80+ fps on 4k…

  23. Pre-build PCs are so overpriced. Spend a few hours learning how to build and you'll save yourself hundreds of dollars. Plus you'll have the knowledge required to troubleshoot yourself if something ever goes wrong.

  24. personally i'd get a 1070 GPU before i ever get an i7 CPU

    i mean so few games actually make use of an i7. Its just not worth it unless you really have cash lying around in my opinion

  25. Tbh this isn't a great pc by any means

  26. No disrespect daddy Kruzer but ironside is over-priced unless you're looking for a sexy pc

  27. Still good job with the thumbnail 😉

  28. u might wanna upgrade to 2 tb of hard drive storage

  29. LUCKYY, and im just a boy trying very hard to convince my parents to get me a gaming PC ?