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My New Gaming Laptop + GIVEAWAY!!

Thanks to HP for sponsoring this video & making the giveaway possible!
Omen: http://hp.com.au/omen

My Instagram: http://instagram.com/champchong
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My Twitter: http://twitter.com/champchong

My Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/champchong


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  1. I ve been waiting the whole video and you didnt even mention the freaking SPECS of that thing ….

  2. the strangest place i would play games with that laptop would be… under your bed

  3. hope to win I have a really old Laptop with old AMD Graphics My Instagram ID Is chirag_bhandary And The Strangest Place in the world where i will play this Game is In My Uncles home (That's A Really Strange Place BTW)

  4. awsome gaming laptop.
    i love omen logo
    woooow ????????

  5. IG:corijei
    Strangest place. The basement of the White House. The strange thing is, how did I get pass all the security to get there?

  6. My Instagram is Charlie_durham13 and the weirdest place would be in the purmuda triangle

  7. plz give me the gaming laptop plz

  8. My instagram :kyadav01 and the strangest place will be on your desk with ya!

  9. Instagram: jakebarac

    The strangest place I would be using/playing this laptop at would be at the tip of the Trolltunga rock 700m above a lake on a mountain in Norway. Which I will legit be traveling to in a years time and no doubt I would have a photo of me using this laptop on that very Mountain I dare say !

  10. IG: _tate_savage

    Weirdest place I would play with the laptop would be in an airplane toilet cause airplane toilets are scary and I need a friend.

  11. did u go to wm access this year? pranked superstars?

  12. Hey #champchong please pick me I really really want to win a gaming laptop. I subscribed your channel and like your videos then please give me I really really need this laptop for my study purpose and gaming purpose also. so please #PickMe #Omen

  13. ig : thessfreestyle
    the weirdest place to play would be gym

  14. I want it because I've never owned a gaming pc/laptop My Instagram name hoba2033

  15. +ChampChong Thanks for this amazing opportunity. I'm trying very hard to win 'Gaming Laptop' but failing repeatedly. This could be dream comes true if i could win the ' LAPTOP', very fact that unable to afford this gadget. Still using old pc.Want to experience 'omen gaming laptop' once in my life time.

    Subscribed your channel
    Liked <=====ALL DONE=========>
    Turned-on notification ====WISH-TO-WIN-ONCE-IN-MY-LIFE-TIME===
    Having high hopes and waiting to view magical news from your side (Twitter: @mdasaleemkhan Insta: @saleemg1 FB: https://www.facebook.com/saleemkhan78620 )

  16. instagram id: narendrathecool1

    the strangest place where i would use this laptop would be the Himalayas 😛

  17. Instagram: clint_gamolo

    Hope I win 🙂

  18. IG – wasim_o_graphy
    The champ✌ is here

  19. jhon_marston1998
    Strangest place would be- in a public restroom! GODFATHER STYLE!!

  20. My Instagram name: tommyboy._.1162

    The strangest place I would play is below a rural railroad at night.

  21. INSTA: kashbhut

    Strangest place to play would be at a strip club right up the block from where I live

  22. IG :calvin96c
    just found your channel.

  23. Hi there! 🙂 My Instagram account handle is eternalwhitenights.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity, and have a great day!

  24. I would like the laptop I would maybe start a YouTube channel and your videos are great keep on doing great and hope too win instagram sergi_907