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MY BIGGEST FAIL EVER! CS GO Stream Montage #57

Giveaway: https://goo.gl/FLZW6D
WATCH EPISODE #56 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjlc6G2W0GE&index=2&list=PL-PNGCQZamRYWWxP2Ma4b8N6RuSzREEp9
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  1. Tweeday? More like Noobday XDXDXD killmepls

  2. tweeFail – Was war das denn mit dem auf A? 😀

  3. Stream Montage 58 incoming :*

  4. Ur biggest fail is the best.. And keep pro yo

  5. Frage wie tut man hier bei der Verlosung mitmachen?

  6. Profis machen halt auch mal nen 1G 😀

  7. Lelelelellelelelelelelelleleleleleleleel?

  8. Nc vid bro…i hope i win ur give away and i hope i can play with u…add me pls…..steam name: Dendildo