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My $2000 2017 High-Performance Gaming PC Setup | GTX 1080 & I7 6800k

Hey guys! Today we’re checking out my $2000 2017 Gaming and Workstation Build. Enjoy! 😀 PARTS LIST: CASE: http://amzn.to/2kIr09b MOBO: …


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  1. Full PC parts list and amazon links are in description!

  2. Is this is good build??? I might build it i will soon be making videos hopefully!!!

  3. Between an ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 1080 Strix Advanced Edition 8gb GDDR5X 256 bit and a Galax GeForce GTX 1080 EXOC Sniper 8gb GDDR5X 256 bit, which is better?

  4. Can someone list me parts to build a pc that can run arma3 very smooth and good fps :(((((

  5. "Plug it in fella" -OperatorDrewski

  6. this is a sick build! i made a time lapse build for the first time and would appreciate if you checked it out!

  7. Do you need a PCI express adapter or can you just connect it to the home wifi?

  8. That cable management gave me aids

  9. with a monitor it is a little more than 2 k
    great build!

  10. you could wait for the ryzen cpu it is bang for your buck at same price with high performance

  11. Definitely not 2000$ much more.

  12. For fallout 4 I think you might need to play in 60 hertz

    Bethesda games freak out if you play them any higher than 60 fps

  13. lol"ram doesn't matter" you realize you can bottleneck a system with non-overclocked ram, pretty much have the same specs as you, I benchmark higher when my ram sits at 3200 mhz I have dominator ram that can run up to 3500 mhz and you only need 16gb the space is useless. Speed is what matter here.

  14. You should get the 12345, it does 54321 fps

  15. Hey MrDrewski im new and i like your content. Keep doin you my friend

  16. Cool video! I have to agree with the Fallout 4 thing – WTF is right! Wow, that was insane. You'll definitely get a lot of use out of that rig.

  17. So now you can run arma 3 at more than 20fps?

  18. Me: Damn my phones about to die and I have no where to charge it. You: "plug it in fella"

  19. The lack of cable managment has triggered me 😉 Awesome set up though

  20. I would recommend you to mount the radiator in the front as intake instead of the roof as pushing out. When using an open blower type cooler for the gpu (as you obvoiusly have) you can save about 10C on the CPU by mounting in front instead.

  21. You finessed this shit bro

  22. i would like but the likes t at 666

  23. If you're price range is 2k then i recommend that you go with this build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/nsF7nn

  24. that old fashion rock and roll hell yeah

  25. Same tbh. I got about the same for editing works, but I might upgrade again in a few years.

  26. Should've waited for Ryzen and/or Vega but i guess seeing as this is your job i guess time was of the essence for you to make a new PC with what was available

  27. Hey drewski
    do you think ryzen will give good FPS in Arma 3?

  28. I have a MSI laptop and I can play any big game and graphics look beautiful and works good

  29. I have a MSI laptop and I can play any big game and graphics look beautiful and works good