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Minecraft Xbox – 16 Player Battle Mini-game!

Welcome to a video on the battle mini-game. In this video I am playing on the Xbox: One against 15 other players! I hope you enjoy the video.

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  1. why don't you get the diamond armour in the winners room in the lobby

  2. why 4j the xbox 360 and ps3 want 16 players too

  3. There is a 1 block hole in the lobby and you need to fly thru it if you win with elytra and that is how you can get to the old abandoned lobby

  4. I love all of your videos, you're the best youth her ever!

  5. Stampylonghead you can actually go to the old lobby I have done it so you can,by the way your my favourite youtuber:)

  6. Stampy somewhere there is a lever to open up the nether look for that

  7. I have watched you for 5 years and now I think I should unsubscribe. I love what you do and you were a part of my childhood. I just thank you for making me happy for the last few years

  8. can you do on battle 20 wins in a row

  9. Plz make video about playing minecraft money wars plz

  10. Bring back hunger games with you and squid

  11. You keep saying "diamond sword" instead of "diamond shovel" , it really confuses me.


  13. Iv found them all!
    dragon head,Creeper, Zombie, Skellington,wither skellybob to

  14. I'm really not feeling well and this makes me feel a little better. Thankyou Stampy

  15. stampy you can get in the old lobby

  16. Another xbox mini game gota update it

  17. Stampy your awsome and all that but I can't believe this you switch a diamond pick axe with a iron axe and you switch a iron axe with a stone sword. Stamps the diamond sword , hoe , shovel , axe and pickaxe are the strongest out of all of the tools

  18. You said " Let's have some golden arrows" You must meet "Let's have some golden apples" ??

  19. how about the deafault chalinge in this chalinge you must try and win by deafault good luk !

  20. I wish you would reply to my xbox messages I am Bouncedfern12 ?

  21. I wish you would reply to my xbox messages I am Bouncedfern12 ?

  22. Next vid will you do a mini game battle we're you can only use a bow and arrow no armour but your aloud food it is called bow battle

  23. Who stole my Chocolate cake
    was it you reading my coment