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MINDGAME TUTORIAL | Rocket League Jukes & Fakes

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I proudly present you my next Rocket League tutorial! This one took me a long time to make but I hope it’s all worth it. Huge thank you to Clvrkz for making this possible, he recorded the majority of the replay files and sent them to me! Also I want to thank Zoomytail, Stuxi and Aatykon for helping me fill the empty spaces in the video! I appreciate it a lot, If you ever need something from me you’re more than welcome to hit me up.
Presenting the Mindgame Tutorial. Rocket League Jukes, Fakes and more!

Clvrkz channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYcD1CcBiF1fG0kGJxLAovg?&ab_channel=Clvrkz
Stuxi’s channel:
Zoomytail’s channel:

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Music (in order):

1. Ross Budgen – Last Dawn

2. Kevin MacLeod – Carnivale Intrigue

Carnivale Intrigue Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

3. Kevin MacLeod – Danger Storm

Danger Storm Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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4. Kevin MacLeod – Cuban Sandwich

Cuban Sandwich Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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5. A Himitsu – Isolated Minds




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  1. Fantastic idea to make the juke or no juke game! nice vid

  2. I always do shadowing and nobody scored after faking me yet

  3. really hate the filter used in the footage…

  4. Hi great vid man, just liked and subbed. Check out my channel it would mean the world; I also make Rocket league videos. Have a Great Day!!

  5. Mindgame Tutorial:
    Step 1: Posture yourself to give the opponent the impression your are about to commit to something such as hitting the ball.

    Step 2: Don't.

  6. Such a good vid but ur mic ruins it

  7. I just don't get why people try to fake me :/
    Every time they try I manage to stop the mind game.

    Ayyy, I still suck!

  8. Fake saves are too risky for me. Biggest fear is being spammed "What a save!"

  9. 1. Juke
    2. Juke
    3. No Juke
    4. Juke

    3/4 Correct.

  10. but screw those dominous motherfuckers who just challenges you in 1's then flicks it over you…

  11. Nice tutotial. 🙂
    What the track id in 7:30?

  12. There are no fake-high-go-low fakes in this video (which is btw very good)
    It is similair to the fake aerial but with a lower risk. Basically you just make it look like you want to play the ball over the oponnent (like with flicks, bounceshots or airdribble) and then simply dont do it. The oponnent will go for a high block and you only have to put the ball under him.
    Example for fake air dribble: https://youtu.be/Cu8N2Ov8GW4?t=4m2s
    Example for fake pop and low challenge: https://youtu.be/GGqrHRURuFg?t=3m33s
    But you can also do this with ballcarries, where your opponent tries to dunk on you, but you block the ball and put it under him. 🙂

  13. Awesome video, it not only helps me with jukes but, it also helps out trying to save them

  14. staged af, these guys are jumping aside intentionally 😀

  15. Those last two style shots are wild, man. I really haven't seen anything quite so swanky on the ground. Usually people will montage freestyle aerials, and the ground game gets swept under the rug.

  16. Nice video! I learned a little more about mind game. But is driving with the ball on top of you and keep driving from the right side to the left side of the ball a mindgame?

  17. Can you add your camera settings please 😛

  18. i noticed you havent put in where you fake a fast ground shot and just pop up the ball to the top of the goal

  19. how to do this shot? 3:35 😐 i've trying a lot :/ but cant do it

  20. Great production quality, great mental exercise by having veiwer try to read situations, great tutorial in general. Sub'd

  21. What if they know about this video too 😀

  22. Don't do passes do freestyle dribble

  23. That was a great video! Perhaps you could make a video on how to react when your opponent is using these techniques?

  24. I play on xbox so its even harder to perform the jukes but everyone is really predictable tho

  25. Unfortunately at challenger 3 not many people understand shadowing but it comes naturally to me as an actual soccer defender. The best way to make someone mess up is to keep constant pressure and force them to focus on you not the goal.