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Media/Gaming Desk: How to build your own.


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  1. Hey man. Thanks for the video. Very nice meme. Love you know who

  2. the linnmon desk that i want cost $95 so no thanks

  3. Can u upload the final complete version of the desk with measurements.

  4. nice video man. you actually inspired me to build my own desk too ? this is the frst video ive seen by you and i really love it. can you please do a vid when you finish the desk?

  5. if it does cost nearly $200 people would most likely buy an ikea desk for that money and be satisfied instead of making their own desk..

  6. can someone tell me the type of wood to use?

  7. did you really put your poor computer in that non ventilated cabinet?

  8. very nice frame im looking into doing something kind of the same right now but 10ft long and it has to come apart so its realistically movable

  9. Can you explain to me the use of the 4 smaller pieces of wood at the inside corners of the top of the server compartment? I can see that they are screwed in on the long side, but not the short side. I don't see how they would provide any support or stability without being screwed in on the short side. (I'm trying to come up with a design for my own desk) Thank you 🙂

  10. This compared to my gaming desk this one is sad, mine is totally overkill. It's a corner desk, one half is 6 feet long, the other 5! It can accommodate 2 small ATX cases, one medium case, one laptop, and one tablet(I use a surface pro 3). Ya, its a bit overkill, but, I got a lot of money to throw around, my main computer would cost $6000 to buy if I didn't build it myself…

  11. you sayd NOT THAT EXPENSIVE it is JUST around 200 DOLLAR that  a lot of money for me

  12. Could you please give me a file of the desk and its measurements i really want to make this!!! Thank You!!!

  13. Very nice but thats gona be one heavy mother…….i would consider cutting out unnecessary plywood. 

  14. You are Michael J Fox shaking the shit out of this video

  15. I can actually stand on it desk snaps

  16. @IpressB2Knife What kind of wood is it? What kind did you use for the surface top? 😮 I've been told to use soft wood like pine?

  17. Given  me  some  good  ideas… 

  18. awesome work dude. this is freaking sick

  19. Could you tell me the amount of wood, the measurements and the tools needed to do this build please?

  20. Like the desk. Do you have a video of the finished product, including cable management?

  21. Why are all desks so damn expensive, really, you can just throw 3 pieces of wood together and you have a functional desk. Of course you should do more than that to make it more sturdy and stuff but seriously I can only find cheap desks when they are super high up with the stupid keyboard tray and they generally have no room for anything on the top.