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MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA (Honest Game Trailers)

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  1. Nier automata honest game trailer?

  2. say "I told you I could get the Honest Games Trailers guy to say something"

  3. Please do World of Final Fantasy!!!!

  4. just finished the game. I still loved it. I'm excited to see where they take this.

  5. Dynasty Warrior Honest trailer please!!!

  6. Even the honest trailer is kinda bland (not their fault)

  7. would you guys do the Dead Space Series already!!!!

  8. Say: I finger my buttthole for Pepsi after watching that ad everyone is triggered about

  9. While I love the game and was just about to play it…. this is all 100% accurate. Minus the glitching, I have yet to experience a glitch by the grace of God

  10. "Hey you got an orifice or two?" LMAO

  11. You know what would be cool? A Mass Effect mmorpg where you could play as any pre-existing race in the game's Universe.

  12. Say: "What if food… ATE PEOPLE!"

  13. Honest Trailers Paragon!!! Make it happen!!

  14. Honest trailer for the persona series?? Any one?

  15. I've been loving Andromeda 8.5/10 for me

  16. I wish wish wish i didn't buy this digital so i could trade this trash game in already

  17. You can make fun of a game without lying about a game, you know…

  18. Please say: Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows

  19. The game is so bad, even the Honest Trailer is bad

  20. 'Glitchiest AAA game since AC Unity' did everyone just forget about Arkham Knight? Hell even Fallout 4 was glitchier than this. I can understand the other criticisms this video gives but to say that it's badly glitchy is pretty unfair. Yeah the animations are (mostly) bad but they were made like that.

  21. Who knew outsourcing work to a country ending in "stan" would make this?

  22. SONG AT 1:46 !!! Please I have been looking for the name for almost a year!!!

  23. And thus, BioWare joins all the other studios EA has ruined. Goes to show what happens when you take the devil's deal.

  24. Say:Naaah Ahhhhh No She Didn't Just Say That!

  25. The ONLY person I wanted to bone was Queen Margaery and they crushed my dream…

  26. I promised my friend that you'd do Persona 5 for her soon. Thanks!

  27. Normandy Mk 3. it was rebuilt in the second game

  28. Say: "What a glorious night to have a curse!" But like your the end boss and you think you're immortal but your so totally not.